Tokyo Is Opening The Very First Thigh-High Sock Store

thigh high sock store

If this new store in the geek district of Akihabara, Tokyo has its way, there will be a lot more ladies in longer socks this spring and summer. We already know they’re popular, but will there be enough legs in search of just the right thigh high to keep this store in business?

The store is called Zettai Ryoiki, and they claim to be the first store on the planet devoted entirely to thigh-high socks. At the opening on February 8th (the unofficial Knee-High Day), Zettai Ryoiki plans to have more than a hundred different kinds of socks for around 300 yen ($3 USD) per leg. For that price, I can definitely see the value in picking up a few pairs.

(Radio Kaikan via Kotaku)


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