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Japanese Museums Are Selling These Awesome Ninja Tights


These ninja tights may not be stealthy, but they sure are cool. Made by Japanese company Kabushikigaisha Sengoku, the tights come in grey, red, and blue and feature ninjas and weapons like the shuriken and makibishi.

From RN24:

According to the product description, each of the colors have a name and concept: the black (called kurohabaki) represents walking stealthily in the dark, the red (akahabaki) represents a burning battle to the death, and the blue (aohabaki) represents the dark light of dusk. The term habaki, although not commonly used in modern Japan, apparently refers to a traditional piece of legwear that is wrapped around the shins for protection and easier movement when traveling or working outside.

They’re currently for sale at the Edo Tokyo Museum during their Sengoku (“warring states”) Period exhibit until January 29th and then they’ll be at the Museum of Kyoto from February 25th to April 16th. They’re currently priced at ¥4,000 (approx. $34 USD).






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