Hot Topic Unveils Their ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Fashion Collection

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Hot Topic has announced a new limited edition collection inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas just in time for Halloween, and there’s a little something for every occasion. Pinstripes and Jack’s head adorn everything from a cozy cardigan to a flocked dress to a very cool moto jacket.

If you’re a plus sized lady like me, you’ll be happy to know that HT is making all of these in sizes up to 30, so there should be something for all of us who love all things NBX.

See more pictures after the break.

Fair Isle Cardigan_Back

Fair Isle Cardigan_Front

Flocked Dress

Flocked Jacket

Jack Pants_Back

Jack Pants_Front

Moto Jacket_Back

Moto Jacket_Front

Knit Sweater

Head on over to Hot Topic to check out their entire NBX lineup.


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