You Can Make The Flux Capacitor Of Watches With This Kit

Ready to experiment with some electronics? MAKE has a kit for you that produces a cool watch with a big laser cut acrylic case. As one reviewer put it, this time piece is the “flux capacitor of watches”. I can definitely see the resemblance.

From the product description:

Solder:Time is an easy to solder real time watch kit with a unique laser cut acrylic casing. Four individual acrylic parts are cut to fit the internal PCB, battery and switch perfectly. Includes a velcro wrist band. After soldering the Solder:Time, the watch is built by stacking the acrylic parts with the PCB and holding it together with the included screws.

Sounds like the perfect project for a beginner. Happy soldering and time traveling!

Product Page ($24.50 via Make Zine)


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