Wearable Tatooine Sand Wristwatch

Would you like to help save the Lars homestead and receive a unique collectible? I thought so. The Lars homestead, known as the igloo, has taken the type of beating that only Tunisia can deal out. If it is left alone, nature will destroy this piece of film history.

As discussed on Nerd Approved, Mark Dermul is leading an expedition to repair and save the structure. You can help by donating. If you donate above a certain mark, you get the Tatooine Sand Wristwatch. The hand built watches feature Aurebesh numerals and sand from the Tunisian desert – aka Tatooine. The sand is carefully encased and visible underneath the watch glass. Wearing it does not give you an excuse to whine about Tosche Station more than normal.

Donate $77 or $107 for a Tatooine Sand Wristwatch

(via The ForceCast)


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