The World’s First Atomic Clock Wristwatch Loses A Second Every 1000 Years [Video]

atomic wristwatch

Do you need to feel confident that you have the precise time? Then you need an atomic clock wristwatch. Besides being the first of its kind, the Cesium 133 from Bathys Hawaii may be the nerdiest watch ever. It has its own self-contained cesium atomic oscillator which means it is insanely accurate. You’ll only lose a single second every 1,000 years.

It may look incredibly clunky, but the Cesium 133 still has more time in development. According to A Blog to Watch, Bathy’s is working on the following:

The final version of the Cesium 133 watch will have some LED status lights and a more attractive case. The prototype is 60mm wide by 50mm tall, and 23mm thick. The final version will have a light-weight carbon fiber case, be smaller, and retain the classic Bathys moon phase dial.

I can’t wait to see the finished product.

See the watch in action after the break.

(A Blog to Watch via TechCrunch)


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