The Slap: A Nano Watchband That’s So Last Decade

“Slap on. Slap off. The Slap”…er, wait, I’m mixing my genres and bizarre items. But, still, I’m scratching my head on this one.

Griffin generally makes some nice stuff and it’s not like there isn’t a market for iPod Nano watch/wristbands. But I’m not sure what chucklehead was heading the meeting for this one.

They’re come out with a slap bracelet watchband called, of all things, Slap. (At least we seem to have dodged the “iSlap” bullet, but still. Oy.) It even comes in a rainbow of colors so you can match it with your parachute pants for your 25 year high school reunion.

I mean, maybe people will want this, but considering I’m the kind of nerd who got all excited about the iMacs because they came in a variety of colors and I like the VW Beetle cause of the bud vase — and I’m not impressed…I dunno.

Product Page $24 (via Gizmodo)


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