Put a Kraken On Your Wrist

As steampunk creeps ever closer to becoming mainstream (if it’s not there already), token symbols like gears and brass are ending up in more and more designs. Take for example this very fancy watch. Called the KudoKtopus Kraken by designer Stefan Kudoke, the timepiece features a giant squid that looks entangled in the watches inner workings.

The kraken’s tentacles snake through the interior in rose gold and rhodium studded with two sapphire crystals. The way the octopus is integrated isn’t like anything I’ve seen before, and I have to admit that it’s a stunning piece.

Wouldn’t it just figure? I finally see a watch I wouldn’t mind wearing every day, and it costs almost $10,000. I’ll just stick to checking the time on my iPhone.

Drool over another photo after the break.

Product Page ($9,860 via GAS)


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