Phosphor’s “Reveal” Mechanical Digital Watch Now Available

Phosphor, the company behind the E-Ink watch that we gave two thumbs up in our review, is back with the “Reveal”—another unique timepiece they are touting as “world’s first mechanical digital watch”.

Click On The Image For Animation

Miniaturizing the “flip-dot” technology found in bus signs and train depots, Phosphor’s proprietary Micro-Magnetic Mechanical DigitalTM (M3D) technology incorporates miniature-sized rotors adorned with Swarovski crystals that revolve to reveal the time. Driven by M3D technology, Phosphor Reveal watch skillfully blends design and technology to craft the ultimate fashionable digital watch.

With each changing minute, an electrical pulse generates an electromagnetic field that changes the position of the crystals on the face of the watch, elegantly displaying the passing time.

The Phosphor Reveal is available now in both men’s and women’s styles with prices that range from $199-$249.

Naturally, with a watch this unique we absolutely must try it out for ourselves—so look for our hands-on review sometime in the next week or two.


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