Would You Buy A Watch Made With The Hair Of Your Pet?

Would you spend $199 on a custom watch made with the fur of your pet? Analog Watch Co. has announced that very thing, with pre-orders starting on April 1st. So yeah—odds are this is a joke. However, we’ve seen many absurd April Fools products become real, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the demand was high.

From the Companion Collection product page:

Remaining true to our ethos to be, “Inspired by Nature,” we took inspiration from the animal kingdom by developing a custom-to-order timepiece that will immortalize you favorite furry friend.

Simply send us 2-4 oz of your pets fur in an airtight bag. Once it arrives at our studio, the magic begins! We’ve developed an innovative and hand crafted process to transform the fur into a felted wool, which we heat form to a leather watch band and metal watch body shell. With our specialized hydrophobic coating, your new timepiece will remain soft, yet stay clean and water resistant.

Too bad the “takes a licking and keeps on ticking” slogan has already been used.

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