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Changing Lanes Watch Paints a Portrait of Confusion

If there’s two things the Japanese understand, it’s electronics and traffic. The ingenious idea to combine the two resulted in this changing lanes watch, which was inspired by the colors of taxis and couriers weaving through rush hour traffic.

It looks cool, but is damn near impossible to read:

Hours are displayed on the left side of the interface, starting with 1:00 at the top, traveling down to 6:00 at the bottom. Change lanes and hours 7:00 to 12:00 travel from bottom to top. Minutes are displayed on the right side of the interface in 3 minute intervals, from 3 at the top to 27 at the bottom and traveling back up to 57 minutes at the top. 15 and 45 minutes are centrally located as reference points – ideal for checking the approximate time. Two single minutes light up separately for precise timing. The lights that show the current time flash for a short time after the button is pressed to make reading the time more simple.

What?… Anyway, it also includes a LIR2032 rechargeable and replaceable battery, stainless steel case & strap and an LED animation option which can be turned on or off. The only question is whether your boss will tolerate you showing up late with the ol’ “I don’t understand my watch” excuse.

Product Page: (5,900 Yen, About $170 via Gizmodo)


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