People Are Injecting Saline Into Their Foreheads To Make Them Look Like Bagels [Video]

Just when you think you’ve seen it all there’s a new trend in body modification coming out of Japan that proves you wrong. The phenomenon pictured above is known as a bagel head. Yep. The look is obtained by injecting 300-400cc of saline into the forehead. It creates a small reservoir that reaches full capacity in about two hours; then it can be pushed in to create a bagel shape or if you’d rather, a donut shape. The body absorbs the saline 16-24 hours later, and the swelling will disappear.

Maybe it means I’m getting older, but I just don’t get it. At all. Plus, Invasion of the Bagel Heads sounds like a Saturday night SyFy movie.

See more photos and a video after the break (if you’re squeamish, stop here).

(NG via Most Watched Today via Laughing Squid)


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