Personal Tattoo Machine: Good Idea Or Disaster Waiting To Happen?


If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, you might think that this is a fantastic concept. Everyone else might just shake their head. I’m on the fence myself.

Royal College of Art graduate Jakub Pollág has created a Personal Tattoo Machine that allows the buyer to tattoo themselves in the comfort of their home.

Personal Tattoo Machine is a simple and affordable mechanism that uses a few standard off shelf products, like sterile needles and tubes. The primary goal is to give the user a quality tool that is safe and comfortable to use. The set contains all the parts necessary to create your image straight away. It is a short and simple process to setup the machine and sterilize the surrounding environment, everything else is up to the user.

It’s aimed towards a small group of enthusiasts that would be interested in preserving meaningful memories on their skin with little regard for aesthetics. Pollág stresses that his project isn’t meant to replace tattoo parlors. It’s for people that want a more personal option.

Yes, there are many ways that this could go horribly wrong (just ask this guy).

Watch the video after the break.

(Dezeen via Design Taxi)


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