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Invisible Headphone Implant Means You Never Have To Worry About Earbuds Again


We’ve all lost a set or two of earbuds, or spent what seems like hours untangling the darn things. This was a source of frustration for Rich Lee so he came up with a solution. As a grinder (someone who experiments with surgical implants) he decided to make an implantable earbud.

It works via a tiny magnet placed in the tragus of his ear that vibrates and produces sound thanks to a magnetic field generated by a coil he wears around his neck (the build is outlined in this Instructable). Granted, the sound produced isn’t going to be anywhere near what a pair of ordinary earbuds or headphones would produce, but it is versatile enough to hook up to rangefinders, thermometers or even geiger counters.

Anyone else thinking of that cool Bionic Ear that Jamie Summers had? If it can do that, then I’m in.

(via Gizmodo)


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