Game Of Thrones House Sigils As Awesome Tattoos

got tattoo 1

HBO did a fine job interpreting the house sigils from A Song of Ice and Fire for the Game of Thrones television series. In fact, they did such a great job that it’s hard to see the sigils any other way. But, just imagine what the images and words would look like if they were tattoo designs. Artist Sara McSorley took the familiar sigils and transformed them into wild and beautiful tattoos, and I sincerely hope someone ends up with them on their skin. The House Stark one featured above is my favorite, but the entire series is fantastic.

More of the artful tattoo designs after the break.

got tattoo 2

got tattoo 3

got tattoo 4

got tattoo 5

Not quite a house sigil but completely rad:
got tattoo 6

(via TMS)


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