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Funny Tattoo Cover Ups

The guys at Inkarttattoos have come up with a gallery showing some clever and funny tattoo cover ups.  Of course looking at our friend above I’m left to wonder, was it really necessary to put the VOID over Tracy’s name?  Could it be seen through that Robin Williamsesque fur coat anyway?  Furthermore, isn’t it more humiliating for Tracy to be forever immortalized on your hairy moob than simply covered up?

Ha!  What a loser.  Instead of the cover up, he could have just started dating a guy named “Lou.”

Awww, snap Cindy!  You’re such a p.o.s that you couldn’t even keep your place on this nasty shoulder.  Hahahaha.

What?!?!  Oh…oh my God.  I can’t believe this is happening!  That tramp told me it was forever! *sobbing

Check out Inkarttattoos for a full gallery (Inkarttattoos Via Neatorama)


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