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This Tattoo Ink Fades After A Year To Save You From Regret

ephemeral tattoo

If temporary tattoos are a one night stand and regular tattoos are a successful marriage, Ephemeral Tattoos are that relationship that started of strong and fizzled after a year because you “need space”.

Indeed, Ephemeral is developing a tattoo ink that specifically engineered to last about a year and then fade. That fading process can also be sped up with a special (and painless) removal solution—and both the tattooing and removal can be done by the same licensed artists that do permanent tattoos.

Ephemeral is still in the testing phase, but they’re planning to launch in August of next year.

And who knows? Maybe after that trial period of living together you’ll decide to take the relationship to the next level. That’s when you can put a real tattoo on it.

(via The Science Explorer)


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