Pro ‘Counter-Strike’ Player Commemorates Legendary Kill With A Tattoo


Over the summer, during the ESL One Cologne event, pro Counter-Strike: GO player Olkesandr ‘S1mple’ Kostyliev pulled off a move so spectacular, so awe-inspiring, that one of the creators of de_Cache – the map it took place on – immortalized it with a piece of graffiti on the wall of the level where it happened. Now, to commemorate the event, S1mple had that same piece of graffiti tattooed on his arm.

Check out the full tattoo, the graffiti, and the play that inspired both, below.

First, the play itself. The video below shows it twice – once from the perspective of another player, and again from S1mple’s own perspective that reveals it was a little bit more awesome than it initially seemed.

Next, to commemorate the move, this piece of graffiti was added to the wall where it happened:


Finally, the tattoo itself:

(PC Gamer via Kotaku)


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