These skin tight zentai suits are their own special kind of cosplay and they’re constantly being released in new styles. We’ve seen Totoro and Batgirl and Catwoman in the past, but now you can wear Robin, Superman and Batman with snazzy capes, Captain America with a winged helmet or even Iron Man or Spider-Man. I think Spidey works best because his actual costume pretty much is a skintight suit.

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If you thought this Totoro bodysuit was disturbing, then we’ve got more fodder for your nightmares. I don’t get the lure of the body suit, but apparently enough of you do that there are a whole bunch of them out there from Mario to Pikachu to Power Rangers. To each his spandex-clad own, I suppose.

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When you see the word “Totoro,” you have expectations – the cute and cuddly kind. The Totoro I know is soft and huggable, and you want him to be your best friend. But this?! A lycra spandex version of the character? Too much. My eyes hate me right now (and yours probably do too).

The full Zentai suit has Totoro’s markings but none of the charm. Frankly, it gives me the creeps.

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Batman Zentai Suit [Cosplay]

We’ve featured zentai suits for Batgirl and Catwoman and now we’ve got one for the guys. It’s Batman! The 87% polyester/13% spandex suit covers you completely, including your feet and hands. It’s perfect for casual cosplay or imaginary crime fighting.

Product Page ($50)