This fantastic full-back Legend of Zelda tattoo seems like it includes every detail from the game in one stunning image. It was drawn by Krystian Marciniak with the tattoo itself being done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, FL.

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With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it might be a good idea to stock up on some green clothing. It just so happens that Hot Topic has a really fun (and very green) tank with our favorite warrior of Hyrule, Link, depicted on the front in a stained glass design. So grab your sword and ocarina and make sure to pick up this shirt!

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We’ve seen a lot of stained glass / Zelda mashups but not many have made their way to shirts. As if this Link shirt wasn’t awesome enough, there’s also a Big Link shirt option pictured after the break!

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Want to troll fans of The Legend of Zelda in an amusing way? Just wear this t-shirt. It features a femme version of Link but asks, “What if Zelda was a girl?” I admit, it threw me off for a second. I love the idea, but if you wore it to a convention, you’d probably spend a fair amount of time explaining to angry people that you know Zelda is already a girl and doesn’t wear Link’s clothing. To get an idea of what you’d be in store for, read the comments on the product page. They’re hilarious.

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zelda hair bow 1

This Legend of Zelda-inspired bow is sure to take you to the top tier of Hyrule’s fashion circles. Etsy seller Killer Bunny Couture created the bright hair accessory from hand. Charms made from polymer clay dangle from the bow, and this version features rupees and Link’s sword. Everything attaches to a metal clip that’s easy to take on and off.

Since the item is completely handmade, you can make some custom requests. Just get in touch with the seller to discuss possibilities.

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Link’s little fairy navigator Navi can be, unhelpful, at times. It might get frustrating in the game, but in real life it gives new meaning to the concept of annoying. This fun video features youtube user Blue Infection as Navi and her friend as a very patient Link.

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You can master The Force with the new Swamp Masters hockey jersey from Geeky Jerseys. It’s the latest in their line of geek-inspired jerseys featuring teams you’ll wish were real. This one features Yoda embroidered on the front and will include your choice of name and number. They’ve also brought back their Link jersey if you’d rather play for Hyrule.

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zelda kids cosplay

Link and Zelda just traveled back to their childhoods, and they look ridiculously precious. Siblings Aidan and Aeris look amazing as the duo from Legend of Zelda. They’re lucky enough to have the whole package: Stefanie (presumably their mom) made the Zelda costume by hand and upgraded the Link costume, and she was able to take photos that make the kids look like they just stumbled out of the video game. I bet they’d be able to stop all villains with their cuteness.

Costumes made and photographed by Stefanie Newcomb.

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I’ve always liked lockets because they’re like having a secret you wear in plain sight. But I also think a lot of what’s out there today is, well, boring.

Until now. These geeky lockets by Etsy Store ThreeTwelveTrinkets are a perfect way to keep your secrets close to your chest and still let your geek flag fly. The shop covers many fandoms like Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel and Minecraft and even offers an option for a custom made version, so you’ve likely to find something that’s just the right fit.

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So, you got some rupees to spend? Well, if you’ve got at least four, you can drop ‘em on this awesome Legend of Zelda T-Shirt. No rupees? Real world monies works fine too.

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