Earlier this month ThinkGeek unveiled Wonder Woman And Harley Quinn caged-back sports bras, and now you can add Zelda and Spider-Man (a Spider-Gwen version would be REALLY awesome) themed versions to the list sans the caged-back. However, these versions do come with matching shorts. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]

With many reviewers calling Zelda: Breath Of The Wild a masterpiece, you can bet that we will be seeing a lot of Zelda-themed cosplay in the months to come. Cosplayer Holly Wolf and photographers Paul Hillier and Novii are getting things off to a great start. Check out videos and additional pics below. [click to continue…]

Once again Takayas has made the dreams of a nerdy couple come true. This time they drew inspiration from Zora’s Sapphire (the Spiritual Stone Of Water) from Ocarina of Time and the wave pattern from The Wind Waker cover art. [click to continue…]


While browsing Sapphire Studios to check out these magical Happy Potter rings yesterday, I noticed that they had all sorts of lovely fandom-inspired rings for other geeky engagements and weddings. They also have some gorgeous bridal sets.

Zelda, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Batman and more in multiple metals with multiple precious stones! I feel like I fell into a loot cave. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Takayas Custom Jewelry recently created a pair of wedding rings for two diehard Legend of Zelda fans named Megan and Jonathan. Majora’s Mask was a childhood favorite, so they decided that their rings should mimic the Clock Tower. Both rings feature an incredible amount of detail—look closely and you’ll spot Anju’s Moon Mask and Kafei’s Sun Mask on Megan’s ring. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

linkcosplay copy

So, how spectacularly over-the-top is this Legend Of Zelda cosplay? Well, there are flames, an epic forest setting, a remixed Zelda theme song and a horse. So, yeah, this shoot elevated the Link cosplay game to a whole new level.

Watch the video below.

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ganondorf cat

Hyrule will tremble before the mighty Ganondorf.

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cia cosplay

Love this photo.

Indeed, Syrupcookie cosplay absolutely kills it with her Cia from Hyrule Warriors.

Check out more pics of her Cia cosplay after the break…

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ren fest cosplay top

Fashionably Geek reader Leia B. recently spotted the TARDIS and Link at the Maryland Renaissance Faire. You never know who you might run into at a Ren Fest.

Take a closer look after the break…

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This Dragon Ball / Legend of Zelda hybrid ring is definitely one of a kind. It was designed by Takayas Custom Jewelry for a client that couldn’t decide between the two themes for an anniversary gift.

She decided she wanted ring to have the Dragon Ball elements on one half of the band, the Zelda elements on the other half, and the two designs to merge in the middle as a hybrid nod to each series.

When in doubt, mashup all the things.

Check out more pictures of the ring (including the finished product) after the break…

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