Just the other day we featured a Doctor Who wedding ring set that was a real bargain. If Zelda is more your speed, you’ll want to check this out before you say “I do”.

This ring features both the Triforce and Legend of Zelda logo on a gorgeous tungsten carbide ring. It comes in a gift box and is available in both men’s and women’s sizes so you can sport a matched set.

The only question is, can you get it engraved to say “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone”?

Product Page ($39.99 via Game Freaks)

Zelda And Mario Map Scarves

zelda scarf

This Zelda Overworld map scarf looks toasty, and nerdy. But the Mario version looks awesome too.

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Fernando García Berdeja is a serious Zelda fan. He recently had Cyclos and Zephos from The Wind Waker game tattooed on his legs (by Hollow in Mexico City), and he sent a pic of his new tats over to us. It looks like they came out great!

Thanks for passing along the pic, Fernando! Send your nerdy tattoo pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.


This absolutely beautiful Zelda Hookshot engagement ring was designed by redditor cr0ybot for his fiancée. It was turned from a 3D rendering into a real ring by David Wilkinson Design. You can see the hookshot in the form of the links around the outside of the band where holes were added for diamonds that came from her grandmother’s wedding band. According to cry0bot:

“The cost to have it made was about $1,000. The diamonds came at no cost from her grandmother’s wedding band, and the sapphire was cheap, since it’s lab-created. Usually the stones would be a much larger factor in the cost of an engagement ring. The metal is 14k gold, white band and yellow head.”

The finished ring is fantastic way for her grandmother’s wedding band to have a whole new life.

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2014-12-19 14.07.17

Back in February, Fashionably Geek reader Ross Swanson sent us a pic of the epic Zelda tattoo he had done on his leg. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out: it’ll make you want to play a jaunty tune on your ocarina.

Ross had some additional ink work done to the same leg recently, and he was kind enough to send us a pic. Looks great, Ross, and thanks for the tip!

Send your nerdy tattoo pics to tips@fashionablygeek.com.


If that stupid little Navi says, “Listen!” one more time, there’s going to be a much tougher customer than Link ready to lose his temper. Jules is about to bring a bloody and vicious end to this nonsense.

Product Page ($25.52 via Reddit)


This black and silver Zelda Skyward Sword messenger bag is just the thing for carrying everything you need on your next epic journey. It measures 15.5″ wide x 11.75″ high x 4″ deep and is an officially licensed Nintendo product. It’s big enough for laptops up to 15″ wide with two large inner pockets including one with a Velcro closure that’s perfect for that laptop. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, hanging strap, large mesh zippered pocket, large rear zippered pocket and a side slip in pocket.

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The ugly Christmas sweater is already thing of legend but this Zelda version takes it to another level. Technically, this isn’t a sweater but a screen-printed design that looks like a sweater, which somehow makes it even more fantastic.

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This little skater dress is the perfect thing for Legend of Zelda fans. You definitely don’t see Wind Waker Ganondorf dresses everyday.

It’s made of 90% Polyamide fabric and 10% Lycra for a stretchy and very comfortable fit. The design is created with a sublimation method so it won’t fade or wear off after repeated washes. It is fitted through the bodice before flaring out at the waist.

Product Page ($39.99 via The Mary Sue)


Violinist Taylor Davis has a thing for doing violin covers of anime, movie and video game theme songs. In her latest YouTube video, she’s all dressed up as Link, and she does her own rendition of the Legend of Zelda’s Kokiri Forest theme while she explores the woods. It’s rather beautiful.

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