wonder woman

Bioworld is adding to their Wonder Woman jewelry collection with a replica armband and Bracelets of Submission. If you’re going to rock these, you might want to add those Wonder Woman wedge boots and go all out with the look. Unfortunately, these pieces haven’t been released yet, but we’ll keep our eye out. [click to continue…]

Earlier today we discovered a new line of Marvel-themed activewear from Her Universe, but it appears that there are more options where that came from. Hot Topic also has a new line of sports bras and capris with designs based on Supernatural, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Pokemon and Harley Quinn. Plus, the entire line is currently 20% off. [click to continue…]

Wonder Woman hits theaters in Japan on August 25, and Sanrio is getting in on the action with a Hello Kitty collaboration. This marks the first time that Sanrio’s cute cat-like cartoon character has partnered with a western-made film—and it couldn’t be more perfect. [click to continue…]

The #WWGotYourBack trend is starting to heat up on social media. It features Wonder Woman fans taking inspiration from a memorable scene in the film by tucking swords into the back of their dresses. Admittedly, it looks cool—but it also stresses me out. Some of the swords in the pics below look sharp. I highly suggest picking up something like this Wonder Woman roleplay sword before attempting it yourself. [click to continue…]

Gal Gadot’s husband Yaron Versano is one of a select few that can officially wear this shirt. However, there are a lot of unofficial Wonder Women out there. If you’re married to one, you can get the shirt as well. It’s even on sale for only $14 right now. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen some pretty fantastic Wonder Woman merch lately, and you can add this satchel purse and clutch from Bioworld to that list. We love the classic look, and a bag with spikes is always good. [click to continue…]

Converse has been offering Chuck Taylors with DC Comics themes for quite some time, but given the current popularity of all things Wonder Woman, these All Stars are hotter than ever. There are currently two designs to choose from, and they’re both fantastic. [click to continue…]

You have many choices when it comes to Wonder Woman jewelry, but this Lasso of Truth Choker is one of the boldest looks. It’s probably for the same kind of person that would rock those awesome Wonder Woman wedge boots. [click to continue…]

The illustrator known as Enerjax has a Society6 page that is chock-full of nerdy goodness. His art is available on everything from t-shirts to pillows, but the tote bags really caught our eye. The wonderful Wonder Woman-inspired illustration is his latest work, but we’ve included some of our favorite designs inspired by Supernatural, Star Wars, Sherlock and more below. [click to continue…]

Warner Bros. has launched a merch site that has collected some of the best Wonder Woman stuff out there. We’ve featured many of the accessories in the past, but we found some new gems in the form of shirts and jackets. Check out some of our favorites below. [click to continue…]