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wil wheaton

Wil Wheaton had another exciting reunion with an article of clothing. This time it’s Wesley’s original ensign uniform, which he hasn’t seen in 30 years: [click to continue…]

8 bit clown sweater

This (8-b)It t-shirt is designed by Wil Wheaton and Richard Stevens of Diesel Sweeties and is based the clown sweater Wil wore years ago for a fundraiser in San Francisco.

It’s sure to fulfill all of your creepy clown needs and is currently available in women’s, men’s and kids sizes.

Product Page: $15 via Laughing Squid)

crush on crusher

When Her Universe first released the adorable “I’ve got a crush on Crusher” t-shirt, I immediately hoped that Anne Wheaton would end up with one. Of all the people to wear a shirt featuring Wil Wheaton as the one and only Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, she is the best possible choice. She completely rocks it – Wil is one lucky guy.

Get your own Wesley Crusher t-shirt over at

(via Anne Wheaton)

If you’ve been around the internet or anywhere geeky, you’ve probably heard Wil Wheaton’s sage advice: don’t be a dick. It’s simple but effective; everyone should keep it in mind as they navigate this world and especially as they leave comments on the internet. Wheaton’s teamed up with Joel Watson to create this awesome t-shirt that is the answer to any most life problems.

Product Page ($19.95)

I admit to having had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher when I was in high school. Wil Wheaton was really cute and, just in case he sees this, is still a smokin’ hottie. However, his wardrobe left a little something to be desired, especially that rainbow trimmed top thing. If you disagree and think the clothes made the man, then you might want to consider this handmade sweater version for your toddler. Just don’t come running to me when your kid drops out of school to explore the world with The Traveler.

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I don’t actually know what Wil Wheaton’s resume looks like, but in my imagination it just says “Gamer” under his name in Dwarvish Runes and has this picture. Yes, he’s wearing a D20 fez and trying to look all casual, but you just know that seconds after this picture was snapped he was jumping up and down doing a happy dance about his latest geeky acquisition. Just like you’ll do when yours arrives on your doorstep.

Hit the link below if you would like to buy the D20 fez (or maybe a nice Cthulhu one).

Product Page ($60 Wil Wheaton via boingboing)

Wil Wheaton nailed that Thor cosplay. Didn’t even take the hammer out of the box. It’s kind of like leaving the price tag on hats—only cooler.

(via Wil Wheaton)

Three Wheaton D&D Moon

The three moon whatever meme just won’t die—but this version from Wil Wheaton and James Hance is surely the best of the bunch.

Apparently, Wheaton has a thing about wearing shirts of himself in threes.

Product Page ($19.95 via Shirtoid)

Wil Wheaton Shirtception

WIL WHEATON…WIL WHEATON…Wil Wheaton…wil wheaton…

It’s a Wheaton within a Wheaton.

(Membase via Wil Wheaton)