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crush on crusher

When Her Universe first released the adorable “I’ve got a crush on Crusher” t-shirt, I immediately hoped that Anne Wheaton would end up with one. Of all the people to wear a shirt featuring Wil Wheaton as the one and only Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, she is the best possible choice. She completely rocks it – Wil is one lucky guy.

Get your own Wesley Crusher t-shirt over at StarTrek.com.

(via Anne Wheaton)

I admit to having had a huge crush on Wesley Crusher when I was in high school. Wil Wheaton was really cute and, just in case he sees this, is still a smokin’ hottie. However, his wardrobe left a little something to be desired, especially that rainbow trimmed top thing. If you disagree and think the clothes made the man, then you might want to consider this handmade sweater version for your toddler. Just don’t come running to me when your kid drops out of school to explore the world with The Traveler.

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