Matthew Chalker recently proposed to his photographer girlfriend in a clever way: he spent 60 hours constructing a customized mechanical iris aperture for the engagement ring.

She said “yes” of course!

Chalker used this Instructables plan as the basis for his box, but he tweaked it to fit his needs. Check out how it came together in the gallery after the break…

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Imagine standing next to your betrothed in this extraordinary and intricately designed elvish wedding dress. Etsy shop Firefly Path hand sews each gown from an ombre silk charmeuse accented with delicate lace and beaded details. The inside is fully lined with plastic boning as well as snap-in modesty panel for more coverage if so desired.

This stunning dress is custom sized and available in six ombre color styles. It isn’t cheap, but Elves marry for life and this dress would definitely be memorable.

There’s more up-close images of the amazing detailing after the break.

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I think these two are going to make it (if they don’t kill each other in battle that is).

Recently, two aspiring Jedi Knights enlisted the aid of Mezame Shashin-ka, a photographer from Singapore, to create a Star Wars-themed engagement shoot complete with epic lightsaber light-rapier duels, spaceships and more. The end result is pretty fantastic.

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owl wedding

This should be a thing at every wizard wedding. This clever groom arranged to have the rings flown down the aisle by a beautiful white owl. It looks like the groom and the best man were the only two people aware of the stunt beforehand as the bride looks on, completely surprised.

Now, let’s hope no one delivered a howler when asked if there were any objections to the marriage.

See the video after the break.

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How many Spider-men do you need for your wedding? The answer is at least three.

We love a good nerdy wedding, and this might be the most inclusive of them all! Actually these awesome cosplayers didn’t exactly crash this Thai wedding. The groom happens to be the president of the cosplay group Thai Toku and invited them all to spice up his special day.

Check out all the heroes in attendance after the break.

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Seriously, how could a gamer say “no” to this?

This handmade Zelda rupee engagement ring box was crafted by Etsy seller IndyFurniture, and it should be all you need to seal the deal.

Well, I would make sure a ring is inside the rupee. Duh.

Check out some more pics after the break…

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This lovely bouquet features roses made from the pages of Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and The Princess Bride. Instead of holding stems wrapped in ribbon, there’s a sonic screwdriver worked into the arrangement. From the product page:

“Show your love of the Doctor as you walk down the aisle. This lovely bouquet of roses is made out of a combination of book page and colored roses is attached to a toy replica of the sonic screwdriver (choose the 10th or 11th doctor). The screwdriver lights up at the bottom and makes fun noises.”

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Corsages and bouquets can be custom made “out of any combination of book page, music pages, or colored paper”.

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This beautiful Sailor Moon-themed wedding will likely give you plenty of inspiration for your coming nuptials, or even just a Sailor Moon party. Michelle and Will had everything themed from the bride’s gorgeous dress and incredible shoes to the attire of every bridesmaid. The cake, placecards, and napkins also got a dose of Sailor Moon, and there were even props for her guests to pose with to create some very memorable shots of the event.

See more pictures after the break.

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zelda wedding 1

Alex and Grace met through a mutual friend and both of them joined a gaming group that got together every week to play titles like Dungeons and Dragons and Link’s Crossbow Training. They became friends but didn’t start dating immediately—and when they did, it was long distance. As you might guess from the title of this post, they eventually got engaged and decided on a Legend of Zelda themed wedding. They explained to their photographer:

We are both huge fans of the Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo and our mutual love of the game has been a pretty strong point in our relationship. Alex and I both had seen quite a few articles about game-inspired weddings on websites like Kotaku and Offbeat Bride, and when we officially started planning our wedding, it seemed like a Zelda theme would reflect our love very well and be enormously fun to plan.

The Zelda touches included cupcakes topped with green rupees, elf ears for the bridal party, potion cocktails, and subtle placement of the Triforce symbol.

All photos by Jerry Wang Photography.

More pictures from the elegant occasion after the break.

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Karen and Charles Kent (yes Kent!) have a thing for Superman—Smallville in particular. The couple’s wedding was inspired by the long running series about Clark Kent, with the event actually taking place at Hatley Castle in British Columbia. You may recognize it as the Lex Luthor mansion from the series. It’s also been featured in the X-Men films and on Arrow. It’s the superhero/villain estate of choice.

Their wedding featured red, blue, and yellow colors in the classiest way possible, and the groom donned a Superman cape for parts of the event. They even explored Smallville filming locations during their honeymoon.

As you’ll see in the pictures and video after the break, it’s a nerdy dream wedding done right.

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