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Alex and Grace met through a mutual friend and both of them joined a gaming group that got together every week to play titles like Dungeons and Dragons and Link’s Crossbow Training. They became friends but didn’t start dating immediately—and when they did, it was long distance. As you might guess from the title of this post, they eventually got engaged and decided on a Legend of Zelda themed wedding. They explained to their photographer:

We are both huge fans of the Legend of Zelda video game series by Nintendo and our mutual love of the game has been a pretty strong point in our relationship. Alex and I both had seen quite a few articles about game-inspired weddings on websites like Kotaku and Offbeat Bride, and when we officially started planning our wedding, it seemed like a Zelda theme would reflect our love very well and be enormously fun to plan.

The Zelda touches included cupcakes topped with green rupees, elf ears for the bridal party, potion cocktails, and subtle placement of the Triforce symbol.

All photos by Jerry Wang Photography.

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Karen and Charles Kent (yes Kent!) have a thing for Superman—Smallville in particular. The couple’s wedding was inspired by the long running series about Clark Kent, with the event actually taking place at Hatley Castle in British Columbia. You may recognize it as the Lex Luthor mansion from the series. It’s also been featured in the X-Men films and on Arrow. It’s the superhero/villain estate of choice.

Their wedding featured red, blue, and yellow colors in the classiest way possible, and the groom donned a Superman cape for parts of the event. They even explored Smallville filming locations during their honeymoon.

As you’ll see in the pictures and video after the break, it’s a nerdy dream wedding done right.

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These are most definitely the droids you’ll be looking for on your wedding day. They were designed by Juan Hidalgo who specializes in making custom jewelry for any occasion. This particular set is made to resemble C-3PO And R2-D2. They may not always get along, but somehow they stay together, just like a lot of married couples.

Product Page (Pricing Varies via Cheezburger)


This incredible World of Warcraft wedding features Taiwanese couple EK and KiKi who recently tied the knot. Although they exchanged vows dressed as a traditional bride and groom, they changed into Lor’themar Theron and Sylvanas Windrunner for the reception. Decorations and music also followed the theme, and some of Taiwan’s best cosplayers even made an appearance for the special day.

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Microsoft employee Christopher Wilcox married wife Anna Piechowski at a ceremony in Redmond, Washington that was a Whovian’s dream. It wasn’t just a matter of adding a few Doctor Who touches, but of making sure every last thing featured a touch of Time Lord.

The bridesmaids wore dress of TARDIS blue while the ushers were other characters, including Captain Jack. The bride wore the same wedding dress as Amy Pond and the groom opted for the Tenth Doctor.

The rest of the wedding was just as well-themed with TARDIS glassware, the Seal of Rassilon sealing the invitations and adorning the table number cards, and the tables themselves numbered and labeled to the corresponding Doctor. And to top it all off, the bride’s father made a full-size TARDIS.

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As far as inventive and geeky marriage proposals go, this BioShock proposal definitely takes the cake. Three and a half years ago, gamer Stevie Kopas bought an unnecessary copy of BioShock from her local GameStop so she could chat with the guy working behind the counter. That love-struck GameStop employee, Justin Starnes, became her boyfriend, and this past weekend he gave her another, more personal copy of the game. He asked her if she’d seen the new BioShock game and he handed her something called “Bioshock: New Beginnings.” Inside the  case, there was a controller layout of her entire life (watching the Walking Dead and Have Existential Conversation About The Apocalypse were my favorites) and on the back of the case there were pictures of the couple. The instruction booklet also included the request: “Would You Kindly Marry Me?”

Just in case hypnotism didn’t work on Stevie, Justin made sure to also include a beautiful ring too. Here’s what Stevie had to say about the whole thing:

“On August 15, 2014, Justin Starnes asked me, Stevie Kopas, to be his wife. I am the happiest gal in Rapture.”

Check out the proposal in pictures after the break…

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Some girls dream of marrying a prince and it looks like Blaine Gibson always dreamed of marrying a princess. He set about making his dreams a reality recently at Walt Disney World when he got down on one knee and proposed to the Disney princesses (and a fairy). Ariel, Cinderella, and even Jasmine were on the list, despite Aladdin’s disapproval.

He proposed to a villain too. See the pics after the break to find out who it is.

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Daren Prew and Kerry Ford of Herford, England had the most amazing Game of Thrones themed wedding that we’ll probably ever see. The two married dressed as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen thanks to winning a competition held by Blinkbox Movies. The event was held at Eastnor Castle and the costumes and makeup were all done by a team of professionals over the course of 50 hours.

Other members of the wedding party included a White Walker Best Man, Ygritte Best Woman, Hodor Father of the Bride, Brienne of Tarth Sister of the Groom, Khal Drogo Grooms Brother-in-Law, and Catelyn Stark and Melisandre as Mothers of the Bride and Groom.

Happy to report that the couple were married with no Red Wedding complications.

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Geeky weddings can be classy affairs, and Chris and Ann’s fancy Star Wars-themed nuptials are proof. The bride wore custom painted R2-D2 heels that may be the best Star Wars shoes I’ve ever seen—but that’s not all. The groom’s cake looked like a Star Wars: The Old Republic lightsaber, the main cake featured Star Wars symbols, they used a lightsaber cake cutter, and gave away wedding favors in Rebel Alliance orange (it’s an official color) bags.

Can I sign up on a list to be invited to all the geeky weddings ever?

Photos by Pink Posh Photography.

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Guess what happens when two Lewis Carroll fans get engaged? They do an Alice in Wonderland-themed engagement announcement of course! These two lovebirds partnered up with in Valencia, Spain for the shoot, and I have to say that the whole thing turned out rather wonderfully.

Check out some more pics from the shoot after the break…

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