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After a bad breakup with cable, I finally found the one.

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Designing your own jewelry is a wonderful experience and a way to ensure you’ll have jewelry you love; you just have to be able to afford it. Gemvara specializes in offering plenty of customizable features so you can build a ring, necklace, or any other type of jewelry from the gemstones and precious metals you want. You can even share your designs with others, and Tumblr user heckyeahdisneymerch created a whole line of gorgeous Disney Princess-inspired rings.

The rings have the vibe and recognizable colors for each Princess: Aurora’s is pink, Cinderella’s is blue, and Ariel’s is green and purple. The shape of the band fits the character’s culture and movie’s setting too, and there’s even an inscription from each movie engraved on the inside of the band. You could use these as wedding rings or engagement rings or just keep them for special occasions.

You can click on each ring design in this post, add your size, and order! Prices range from $407 to over $5,000.

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I couldn’t imagine a more perfect pair of wedding rings for fans of Legend of Zelda than this set posted by Redditor oneyeartrip. They were made by Zsolt Székely, and I can’t get over how beautiful they are.

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It’s not uncommon to have rituals for closure at the end of a relationship. Some people give past mementos away, some have a bonfire and burn everything their ex ever touched, and others – well Rebecca Gibbs – sent her wedding ring into outer space on a homemade rocket.

Gibbs returned to her home in New Zealand after splitting up with her ex-husband in Britain over a year ago. She got rid of other items from their life and wedding, including her dress, but she was left with the ring. As luck would have it, her current partner’s brother is a rocket scientist, and he suggested shooting it into space. Gibbs thought it “was  awesome and it was a really liberating experience for me, and while it was for me, it was also for him, to let him know it was completely over.” It’s definitely an effective way to send blaring “it’s really done” signal.

She hand-painted the rocket, took it to the launch pad, and set the rocket off into the sky. It appeared as through a second blast actually got it through the atmosphere, and I like to think it made it into space. She actually documented the process with a video but, unfortunately, that has since been taken down.

Still—Rebecca Gibbs, I salute you.

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It can be an eensy bit heartbreaking when someone designs a beautiful piece of jewelry that you can’t purchase. I’m sure many people felt that way about this TARDIS wedding ring we featured back in March. The design is subtle but still very reminiscent of the infamous police public call box. Luckily, this is one concept that’s become an actual product.

The designer, Pathetic Peripatetic, has made it a real ring. He’s even added sapphires because blue goes with the TARDIS like no other color. You have to email him for pricing and availability (link below). I’m sure the ring won’t come cheaply, but then again, it travels through time and space. Do other wedding rings do that?

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Redditor “laporkenstein” took wedding bands to a nerdy new level by forging his out of a Gibeon meteorite and nickel tooling steel. Laporkenstein crafted the band in his garage over a four day period using the same techniques employed to make samurai swords.

Click here to check out over 40 photos and captions detailing the creative process.

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Wedding rings are often plain silver or gold bands. There’s something to be said for the classic style, but there’s a lot more to be said for a ring that expresses your love for a fandom as well as your spouce. The designer of the Indiana Jones engagement ring, Homer Liwag, has also designed a Star Wars wedding band. It seems to really tie in the lightsaber hilt look while being subtle. It’s the definition of geek chic.

It would be nice if some these designs were available to the public. There is not nearly enough Star Wars jewelry out there, let alone Star Wars wedding jewelry.

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The list of geeky things that should exist but don’t is endless. You can add this TARDIS inspired ring design to said list. Tumblr user Pathetic Peripatetic made the digital rendering in a fit of boredom. The designer states the following about the ring’s features:

“The three round stones are the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box.”

If this design were actually produced, I predict it would be the choice of every companion.

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Love is in the air. You met the perfect person at the comic book store. You both reached for the latest issue of Hellboy at exactly the same time. Several passionate rants about the changes in the Star Wars movies, multiple discussions about the best version of Dungeons and Dragons, and one Doctor Who marathon later, you’ve decided it was meant to be. You’re taking the plunge, and you’ve decided to weave your love for all things nerdy into your wedding day. Chances are the latest issue of Brides magazine isn’t going to give you the right kind of inspiration or the best resources. Since ads for custom wedding lightsabers don’t tend to find their way into the pages of mainstream planning magazines, you have to look outside the white, lacy box. We’re here to help.

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