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venture bros


Dr. Mrs. The Monarch has a complicated name but a very uncomplicated costume that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Here, cosplayer Holly Gloha sports a version of the outfit that she made from 4-way stretch vinyl with a wig she also cut and styled.

Photography: Andrew Stevens

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venture body paint 1

Characters in Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. have striking costumes, and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch’s outfit may be the most eye-catching. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is ideal for body paint since there isn’t a lot of costume to paint!

Model Smurfasur SG wears the art well and sitting for the painting process is probably easier than trying to say “Dr. Mrs. The Monarch” ten times fast.

Body paint by Allyson Averell, photos by Joey D.

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Dr. Mrs. The Monarch Cosplay

dr. mrs. monarch cosplay

Fashionably Geek reader and cosplayer Alex aka Kitty from Port City Kitty Cosplay sent us photos of her fantastic, completely self-made Dr. Mrs. The Monarch cosplay from Fan Expo 2013.

Photo by by Convoke Photography.

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brick samson

A LEGO brick Brock Samson is one of two Venture Bros.-themed shirts on sale over at RIPT today. You can get the designs in everything from t-shirts and hoodies to iPhone covers so jump on it while you can because the deal is good for today only!

Product Page ($10)

venture bros cosplay top

The popular show The Venture Bros. had a panel at Comic-Con last week, and fans cosplaying characters from the series showed up in droves. They snapped some pictures together after the panel, and it’s fun to see a big group like this. They’ve got Dr. Girlfriend, The Monarch, and so many more. Shots like this are one reason why Comic-Con is an awesome event to attend.

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Cosplayer Skaii Walker is the sexy, sultry Molotov Cocktease from Venture Bros. in this cosplay captured by Paul Hillier Photography.

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team super science

We see a lot of Breaking Bad t-shirts, but not many Venture Bros. Fortunately, this shirt has both—and it’s only $11 if you grab it today!

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Venture Bros Shoes 1

Hand-painted shoes are available for darn near every type of sneaker on the market, including Chucks. Springheeled Kicks painted these Venture Bros. shoes by hand, and it’s definitely a design that will get noticed. That said, if you wear them with jeans they could also be subtle since the designs don’t cover the entire foot. He makes the shoes to order, you just have to let him know your shoe size!

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Dive into the complex and sexually ambiguous world of Venture Bros. cosplay with the three ladies in the video after the break.

The two versions of Dr. Girlfriend are straightforward enough, but Monarch? Not so much. But, it’s totally cool to touch her codpiece.

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This Venture Bros. OSI (Office of Secret Intelligence) track jacket says “hey, I’m liable to break out into a sprint and/or kill you with my bare hands at any time.” Of course, the reality is that you haven’t run since grade school and your kung fu grip is often defeated by pickle jars.

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