unicorn flats 2

Okay, so while Modcloth named these shoes “Creature Presentation Flat in Unicorn”, I’m going to call them what they really are: SUPER CUTE UNICORN SHOES!

They’re pink, well fuchsia, shoes with an adorable embroidered unicorn face with a rainbow horn and they even have cute little ears. Need I say more?

Get a closer look after the break.

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Etsy shop owner Mystic Swan has an amazing talent for capturing the beauty and mystery of fantasy creatures. Her handmade jewelry begins with a pencil drawing and then is transformed into brilliant sterling silver rings.

“Imagine a mystical place where you can get away from the monotony of everyday life; a place where unicorn’s play and morning glory flowers bloom from a vine that twists all around — this ring takes you to that magical place. “

Her collection of rings feature unicorns, a dragon, faeries, mermaids and more. Check some of them out after the break.

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Does it get any more majestic than this?

This magical unicorn is surrounded by little rainbow flecks of light (obviously faeries) and the cool teal background with purple hues totally completes this work of art. It’s everything you could ever want from a unicorn jacket. Everything.

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I swear I had a painting on my wall with this exact unicorn when I was little. This jacket really makes my inner Legend fan weepy with happiness.

Product Page ($109.95 $99.84 )


These sweet clouds sit perched on your collar or sweater to support a pastel rainbow of chains. Etsy shop owner Sweet and Lovely hand makes each one and it’s the perfect accessory to brighten up your day.

“Each cloud is approximately 1.5″ across, laser cut from white acrylic. The clouds are connected with five pastel plastic chains. The chain length is approximately 5″ long. The clouds have tie tack pin backs adhered to the back.”

The only thing that’s missing to complete this adorable ensemble is a Unicorn Brooch companion.

Check out the rainbow clips on a sweater after the break.

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You’ll never look more majestic lying on your couch watching Netflix as you will when you wear these magical unicorn socks.

Product Page: ($11.99)

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unicorn dinosaur shirt 1

There’s no battle like one between mythical creatures, and this vibrant design from Black Milk Clothing has it all. The front of the polyester tee features a beautiful but fierce unicorn while the back of the tee has a robot dinosaur that shoots lasers from its head. The fight plays out against a background of space and rainbows. Tell me this isn’t the greatest shirt in the history of ever.

See the back of the shirt with the robot dinosaur after the break.

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unicorn hood 2

Once upon a time there was a magical hood that turned people into unicorns and kept them warm. It was made from cotton and polyester and featured a rainbow mane and a golden horn and looks a lot like the Magicorn Hood pictured above. Besides featuring a hood to keep your head warm, the unicorn accessory also has pockets to put your hands/hooves in.

See a couple more pictures of the furry hood after the break.

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The Last at-at t-shirt

Need a little unicorn in your life? This AT-AT is the last of its kind, and you can remember it with this t-shirt design from James Hance. The design is charming, and it makes me want to modify one of my AT-ATs and give it hair and a unicorn horn. I’ll let you know how that project goes.

Product Page ($12 – available for 1 more day only)

battle royale unicorn vs narwhal

Since the dawn of time, two beasts with horns have fought relentlessly: the unicorn and the narwhal. Okay, maybe that statement isn’t entirely accurate anywhere except my mind, but this t-shirt from Steam Crow is still awesome. It features the creatures in a Battle Royale type poster, and I love the grungy design and the hard angles.

Pre-order one today for shipment in mid-May.

Product Page ($25)

unicorn shoe

You don’t need to sprinkle fairy dust on your toes to make your feet more magical, you just need to buy heels adorned with a fantastical creature. These striking unicorn heels are part of Irregular Choice’s upcoming spring/summer 2014 release. They’re rather dazzling. I love that they are both covered in sparkly gold stars and also have unicorn heads instead of pointy heels. Please note the unicorn’s horn is also gold and shiny.

Note: no actual unicorns were harmed in the production of these shoes… as far as we know.

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