Apparently, Hasbro wasn’t done with their reveals today. In addition to the Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic Helmet, they’ve also unveiled the Legends Series Star-Lord Electronic Helmet and Thor Mjolnir. They both feature lights/sounds capabilities annnnnnnnnd…they’re designed for adults! [click to continue…]

Hasbro has released details on some upcoming Star Wars items ahead of the NYC Toy Fair, and the Black Series Poe Dameron helmet is definitely the star of the show. But it does more that just look good my friends. [click to continue…]

pokemon plush glasses start

While we can’t know for sure what started this Pokémon in glasses meme, we’re guessing the marketing material for the upcoming Pokémon sunglasses may have had something to do with that.

Regardless, there’s a sudden influx of pictures of Pokémon wearing glasses and, really, isn’t that all that matters?

Top photo by JohnTV.

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Now you can turn your real human child into a Cabbage Patch kid! These hats look just like the yarn hair found on the dolls and will look adorable on your chubby-cheeked little one. If you know how to knit, then you can download the pattern. If you don’t, then you can order the hat premade in a variety of sizes, even for adults!

Product Page (Prices Vary via Geeks are Sexy)


Lego watches for kids have been around for awhile, but this November there will finally be a line designed for adults. The Lego Watch System will feature brightly colored plastics and, just like the kid’s versions, will have links that can be taken apart and put back together however you choose. They’ll be available in both digital and analog versions and range from $85 to $185.

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Are these toys or actual hats? I’m thinking just toys but either way they are fantastic! Takara-Tomy and New Era have teamed up to bring us these baseball caps that actually transform. You can have Captimus Prime or Capticon or go all out and buy the set. Preorders are happening now with delivery expected just in time for Christmas.

Product Page ($25.99 via technabob)

Your kid may love Iron Man, but you’re not likely to get him a $168 titanium and composite example of Tony Stark’s bracelet when it’s just going to end up on the floor, in the yard, shattered in a thousand pieces or missing from the face of the planet. That’s why ThinkGeek is offering this kids’ version which only costs $30 and includes two bracelets, one with motion-activated lights and the other with both lights and sound.

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From Nerd Approved: Halloween is coming and, while I like the idea of a costume, I always have a really hard time coming up with one. Plus, I like being comfortable.

Problem Solved 😉

The Living Dead Dolls Retro Halloween 2010 Set.

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Plastic Heroes

If you grew up in the 80’s, chances are you’ll dig this shirt. Although, it looks like Drunky Smurf crashed the photo.

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Army Man Khaki Kickflip

The army man’s plastic base is better suited to snowboarding really. He’ll have to wait until the winter when he and his buddies will once again face giant snowman.

Product Page ($18)