It may not be a Swiss army knife, but it’ll keep your hair in place and you can use it to prep food if you’re ever stuck in the wilderness.

This Leatherdos hair clip is a multi-tool that includes 3 screwdrivers, a ruler, a cutting edge, a wrench and a trolley coin. From what I can tell, if you have this and some bubblegum, you might just be able to out MacGuyver MacGuyver in both cleverness and style.

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I admit right here and now, when I got asked to write something up on the “Portable Support Tool Balancer “, my mind took off running with all sorts of cheeky comments about how bigger tools need balancing and jokes about certain types of underwear.

However, the truth is, my mind couldn’t have come up with it if it tried.

Allow me to present the wearable Portable Support Tool for Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw.

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One leg shorter than the other? Drunk on the job? This spirit level tie pin/brooch will give you away.

Product Page (£8 or $12 via UberReview)

People carry guns in sling-type holsters, so why not an axe? It’s perfect for the mobile zombie hunter that likes to get his hands dirty.

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“Bears With Saws” could easily be a new experimental group ready to entertain you with classic melodies.  Their unique and unforgettably beautiful sound emanating from a blend of crosscut saws and hacksaws would be in the same vein as “Toolbox Classics”. On the other hand, this could simply be an acid trip printed on a t-shirt. Either way it’s amusing.

Product Page: ($21)

This bag is made to carry around just about anything you need, from tools of your trade to office clothing you may need after a long night out. And since there could be anything in there from an engagement ring to a pair of scissors, thieves are not likely to take their chances stealing this bag.

Product Page ($55)


Put a little woodland creature to work with this squirrelly lint brush. Just grab hold of his tail and start rolling. Sure it is degrading for the squirrel, but it beats gathering nuts all day. Additional image after the break.

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