These lovely tights feature the words of your favorite stories from Alice in Wonderland to Shakespeare. There are a variety of colors and styles from which to choose or you can get creative and come up with your own lines of prose to wear. What kind of wonderfully nerdy prose would you put on a pair of these tights?

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nbx thigh highs

As a fan of Hot Topic’s faux thigh high tights, I love this version for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Whether you wear them with a LBD or something like the Jack Skellington or Sally cosplay dresses, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them.

Product Page ($11.60)


These beautiful The Little Mermaid silhouette tights put one of the movie’s most famous scenes on your legs. There’s Ariel on one leg and Eric on the other, just as he’s about to kiss the girl and break the curse. If it wasn’t for that wicked Ursula, the whole movie would have ended with this moment.

Product Page ($11.60)

cat tights top

A while back we posted these adorable cat tights that look like knee highs and lots of readers loved them.

The only bummer was that they were impossible to find.

Well, we just found out that the LOVEsick Cat Garter Tights in stock at Hot Topic and they’re even on sale.

Cat, tights, and garter lovers rejoice!

Product Page ($10)


Leggings are all the rage these days. It seems like there are a pair for every fandom possible, and tons of retailers are getting into the market.  Disney, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and so many more! You can find leggings at different price points from $26 to almost $100. Remember, you don’t have to wear them as pants. You can pair dresses, long tunics, tanks, and more over leggings. They’re incredibly comfortable, and any lady on your gift list will appreciate them. Just make sure you have the correct size!

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tights batman 2

Footless tights are everywhere these days, and you can practically just name the design you want on them. Superhero Stuff has a whole slew of new styles featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. The leggings are a polyester, nylon, and spandex blend and have some neat design touches. For example, the Harley Quinn tights have a faux garter top.

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Real armor might not be comfortable to wear, but these incredible leggings are a different story. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors so you can get everything from medieval armor to futuristic bionics. Each pair is hand-printed on polyester/spandex fabric with a brushed finish so they’re super soft on your skin.

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These superhero themed footless tights will look adorable with your short summer dresses. You can choose from Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batman or Superman. Each is 65% Polyester/25% Nylon/10% Spandex and is an officially licensed product.

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tattoo tights 5

You’ve seen tattoo sleeve shirts, but have you seen tattoo style stockings? These tights make the wearer appear to have tattoo covered legs. They’re apparently a big hit in Japan, and the designs run the gamut. You can go for a whimsical, full limb option or you can choose a pair that just have a single design/tattoo. My personal favorite is the pair of stockings above that features cat ears and tails.

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leggings - iron man

Got enough nerdy tights in your drawers yet? Well, make room because Romwe (creators of some lovely gaming and comics leggings) have a mind-boggling number of options for you to consider. Their fan-made styles feature Iron Man, Pepper Potts, the Batman symbol, Starkiller from The Force Unleashed, and a whole bevy of superheroes. They use dacron and spandex for their products, and they’re priced at a reasonable point. It’s easy to talk yourself into buying more than one pair.

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