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These simply beautiful hand-painted Doctor Who shoes are the work of Etsy seller arteclair. They feature a design inspired by the current season’s opening titles with clocks, spinning gears, and of course, the TARDIS. Although this pair has sold, you can contact the seller about getting a Doctor Who design custom made just for you.

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The Ninth Doctor wasn’t around for long, but he’s still got a place in our hearts. This dress is a subtle tribute to him that only the most die-hard Whovians will recognize. It’s a 95/5 cotton/spandex blend that will make you look like a Time Lord.

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doctor who picardo

Sitting around and thinking of people who can play The Doctor is just one of those things we geeks like to do. Speculation and suggestions are fun and, considering The Doctor does regenerate, we know he (or she) can end up being played by anyone.

Here’s a suggestion we came across. As John at Neatorama said, “Robert Picardo, who played the Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager, would do an excellent job of playing the Doctor on Doctor Who. He has no name and already has the job title!”

He also has the t-shirt apparently.

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This adorable little TARDIS is 13.5-month-old Majel all dressed up for the Fan Expo: Toronto ComiCon held this past March. Her Mom made the tutu and head ribbon which they paired up with a TARDIS onesie she purchased at an earlier con.

Pictures by Rajeeman Photography.

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David Tennant may not play The Doctor anymore, but he’ll always be The Doctor in our hearts. This comically overpriced shirt turns the Tenth Doctor into a typographic version of some of his most famous words. Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead.

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This is a beautiful Victorian TARDIS shot on a snowy day that makes the scene look nothing short of magical. Redditor Severn12 is wearing a blue dress that is distinguishable as the TARDIS thanks to the windows that decorate the bodice. Once she turns around, the blue cape has Police Box edging. And for those paying attention, her lantern is the light that goes on top.

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We all know bow ties are cool, but when they’ve got Doctor Who designs they’re even cooler. Each of these bow ties features elements from the world of Doctor Who like the seal of Rassilon, the TARDIS and even Gallifreyan symbols.

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This necklace is made to look just like the crack in space and time from season five of Doctor Who. It’s handmade from brass and measures 3″ wide with an 18″ chain and is sealed with museum quality Renaissance Wax to prevent tarnishing.

Product Page ($50 Geeky Merch via So Geek Chic)


This fantastic shirt is a great tribute to the Eleventh Doctor. He may be gone, but with this shirt, you can be certain that Matt Smith will never be forgotten.

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Everyone is speculating about how Sherlock manages to survive his rooftop plummet. Speculate no longer because this shirt explains how, once again, the Doctor saved the day.

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