Skyrim Skynet [T-Shirt]

The Dwemer robots have gone rogue. They wiped out their creators, and now they’re after the rest of Skyrim.

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Calvin And Terminator

Calvin and Hobbes must have watched Terminator 2 before entering their Transmogrifier.

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Mega TerMANator

Mega Man looks friendly on the outside, but he’s just another Terminator on the inside.

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There are lots of electronic helmets and masks out there for fans of sci-fi that light up, play sounds and even alter your voice. And many of them might even fit your giant adult head. Don’t be ashamed—these toys are awesome at any age.

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la disputa del cyborgio

If Raphael was a Terminator, his La Disputa del Sacramento might have looked something like this.

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They have their hands in everything else, why not software that creates sentient robots? I mean “Android?” Cellphones are just the beginning.

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I can’t decide if a crossover film between Planet of the Apes and Terminator would be awesome or the worst idea ever.

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terminator autobots

Now here is something that would be truly frighting—an alien race of robots disguised as other robots disguised as everyday machines waging war on Earth.

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You can keep the bullies away from you with just a few exoskeleton patches. The little kid is not such an easy target if you aren’t sure whether they are totally human. No one said those bullies were particularly intelligent.

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After an outburst like that, Christian Bale and I are done professionally. At least until Terminator comes out…and the next installment of the Batman franchise. Oh, it’s so hard to stay mad at you Bale!

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