spiderman tattoo

Done at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC by Erica Flannes. Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

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Batman from Hush

Batman from Hush inked by Brockton Fowler at Tobi’s Tattoos.

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cunning tattoo

Shiny! Inked by Louie Campopiano at Traditional Tattoo.

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great scott bttf tattoo

Save the clock tower, Doc!

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breaking bad tattoo

Of course, we mean Blue Sky candy.

Walter White has never looked so… permanent. This badass Breaking Bad tattoo belongs to a fan. Actor Aaron Paul posted the picture on Instagram, and I can’t get over the details and the shading. Every wrinkle, every fold in the fabric, and every crystal looks perfectly inked. I bet the tattoo cost a roll of dollars just like the one in the image.

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(Aaron Paul via ALBOTAS)


Getting a tattoo of someone else’s face is a bold decision, and one that I’ll never quite understand. This guy made the ultimate commitment and got his lady Jennifer’s face tattooed on his arm. Unfortunately, things didn’t last. It’s sort of big to be removed, so he just got it transformed into a shrouded skull. Like you do.

Our guess is that the breakup was messy.

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avatar tattoo edited

Are you a committed fan of Avatar? If you said yes, you’re wrong because no one is as committed as this guy. He’s spent a lot of time and money getting his backside covered to look like a Navi. You may also notice there are several images of Neytiri.

It’s an… aggressive look. Yeah, that’s the word. Click the Reddit link below to see more images at your own risk.

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batman tat

This is what happens when you put the Bat signal into Edvard Munch’s famous painting “The Scream.” The Joker takes the place of the screamer, and the Gotham City skyline appears in the distance. It’s an awesome combo – especially for a tattoo.

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Carnage tattoo

The internet is made for sharing, and you have a captive audience when you share a crazy impressive tattoo. Redditor calibur84 went to a tattoo artist and requested a design featuring Carnage. Artist Tony Siemer of Totem Gallery in Xenia, Ohio looked at references and sketched the character and the background. The shading is especially awesome.

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space nipple

Was the nipple landing faked? The debate rages on.

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