space nipple

Was the nipple landing faked? The debate rages on.

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There are cool Dead Space tattoos, and then there are ones with a double-headed necromorph. This ink belongs to Triangular Vision and though having reanimated corpses on my skin would freak me out, she makes it work.

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One Piece tatotoo

You don’t often see a tattoo that incorporates the bearer’s body parts like this One Piece design does. It features Monkey D. Luffy; a character from the anime series that has special powers and can inflate his bone structure with air. I imagine that’s just what he’s doing in this tattoo.

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Sloth Tattoo

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Star Wars Yoda Tattoo

Awesome Yoda Borg tattoo by Tara Quinn from Texas.

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Harrison Ford-Arms

Awesome tattoos inspired by the characters that Harrison Ford portrayed in Star Wars and Blade Runner. The tattoos and photo are both by Selina Medina at Black Hive Tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Barf from Spaceballs Tattoo

Jack’s awesome ‘Barf’ from Spaceballs tattoo by Cecil Porter, California, USA.

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firefly tattoo

Subject: Sarah Nelson
Photographer: Simon Nelson
Studio: Salem Ink
Artist: Adam Harmon

Thanks Sarah! Send your nerdy tattoo pics to

Netflix Tattoo

Have you ever loved a brand so much that you felt compelled to get a tattoo of its logo on your arm? Most people would say “no”, but TheRealMyron did and the result, as you can see above, is pretty horrendous. He tweeted the photo to Netflix, who decided to thank him for his loyalty by giving him a free year on the service.

Nice, but I hope they at least threw in a DVD subscription as well.

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These temporary tattoos are perfect for the bald man in your life. There are 35 different designs that are far more interesting than the average toupée. There are lightbulbs, bull’s eyes, foxes, electrical outlets and even one that looks like hair. They all come in a 5″ x 5 1/2″ collectible tin.

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