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This fantastic full-back Legend of Zelda tattoo seems like it includes every detail from the game in one stunning image. It was drawn by Krystian Marciniak with the tattoo itself being done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour in Cape Coral, FL.

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bag end tattoo

Love the Shire and always want to keep a piece of it with you? Do what this fan did and get a giant tattoo of Bag End’s door on your ribcage. The gorgeous design was done by Angel at ChiTown in Chicago, and I love the shading and the addition of the flowers. It makes me feel like curling up by the fire with The Hobbit. Given that it’s so iconic, I’m surprised there’s not a yellow knob on the door, but the awesomeness of the tattoo overrules that tiny detail.

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darth maul baby jesus tattoo

Darth Maul as Baby Jesus by Matt O’Baugh at Black Cobra in Sherwood, Ar.

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We previously posted about this incredible Tank Girl tattoo when it was a work-in-progress, but now it’s finally complete. It was done by Hungarian tattoo artist Zsolt Keleman of Scars by Zek. The finished product contains work by Jamie Hewlett, Brian Bolland, Rufus Dayglo, and Jim Mahfood and it is absolutely amazing.

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vulcan tattoo

Though I love seeing any fandom tattoos, I’m always more excited to come across ink I don’t see all the time. Twitter user Claire Little, has a Star Trek tattoo I’ve never seen before. It says the classic “live long and prosper,” but it’s written in Vulcan calligraphy. Yes, she is awesome. Bonus points because the picture also features a rescue cat.

Tattoo by Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley, CA.

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This incredible tattoo is the work of deviantArtist Matty Knox. The Russian artist has blended Batman and Joker along with the Gotham cityscape into a gorgeous reflection of The Dark Knight trilogy.

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eye tattoo 1

Call me crazy, but putting permanent jewelry in your eye seems like a bad idea. Like the worst idea ever. It’s not stopping Lucy Luckayanko though. She’s the first person to go through a new procedure to implant Safesight jewelry. The operation allowed a doctor to insert a small platinum heart right on her eyeball. It involved making a small incision to insert the jewelry. Yuck.

It gets better/worse. The jewelry is not FDA approved and the American Academy of Ophthalmology doesn’t think the procedure is safe. If you have a strong itch to get an implant in your eye that isn’t medically necessary, just get another piercing instead and think about it a little more. I’m all for body modification but maybe just wait until it’s been around and thoroughly tested and proved to be okay for your health.

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spider face tattoo

Technically it’s a spider tattoo, but it makes this Facehugger tattoo look downright sensible.

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