tardis dress 1

Doctor Who is back on television, and we’re in the mood for time travel. Nothing could be more perfect for that than this TARDIS dress by Etsy seller Smarmy Clothes. The strapless dress is made from printed TARDIS fabric exclusive to the Etsy store – there’s even a reflection of Big Ben in the TARDIS window panes.

The flared skirt dress is made to order, and the seamstress is happy to add spaghetti or halter-style straps if you’d prefer a little more support. Current turnaround time is 4-5 weeks.

More photos of the dress after the break.

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exploding tardis a line

Doctor Who has brought a lot of iconic images into our lives, but few have been reproduced more than this painting from the episode “Vincent And The Doctor”.

Just when you thought you saw it all, Van Gogh’s Exploding TARDIS painting takes a new form in this adorable A-line Dress from Her Universe.

Product Page $39.99

tardis top 1

The TARDIS breaks through boundaries and straight lines on this new Doctor Who raglan tee with 3/4 length sleeves from ThinkGeek. It’s blue and white, but the stripes go all wibbly wobbly around the TARDIS. At the speed she travels through time and space, it’s not surprising.

See a close-up of the TARDIS design after the break.

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exploding tardis tank

I’ll never forget Vincent van Gogh’s appearances on Doctor Who. He made an impression, and his painting of the exploding TARDIS seen in “The Pandorica Opens” will long be remembered because it’s featured on tons of Who merchandise. The latest item we’ve spotted featuring van Gogh’s vision is this slim fit tank top. It would look great paired with leggings and boots.

Product Page ($27.99)

Doctor Who shoes

Allons-y! It’s time to pull together some craft supplies (a sonic screwdriver won’t hurt) and make some fancy Doctor Who canvas shoes. Jenny Barnett Rohrs shared the project at Craft Test Dummies and said it only took her half an hour to transform a pair of black canvas shoes into the galaxy. I think it’s worth trying out.

Watch the video how-to after the break.

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This necklace features one of the most well-known sound waves in all of sci-fi. It’s the vworp vworp sound of the TARDIS captured in a visual form. It’s available in either acrylic or wood and measures 3″ by 1.5″ and comes on your choice of a silver or black plated chain.

See the wooden version after the break.

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doctor who collection main

If you like Doctor Who and you have a penchant for fashion, Tumbr user comiconcouture put together a pretty awesome design collection you’ll want to see.

Called “The Impossible Collection”, this is what happens when you send a Whovian to fashion school.

I like the take on Soufflé Girl a lot.

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fancy tardis dress

Some companies capture geek chic so perfectly that I wish they could bottle it and sell it to the rest of the world. Geeky U is one of those companies. We’ve seen their adorably styled bags before, but they also create apparel and this TARDIS dress is just a taste of what they can do. The garment is fashioned from fabric covered in blue squares, and then they added panes and signage from Doctor Who’s blue box. I love the cut and design.

The spaceship dress is made to order, and you’re looking at a 2-3 week turnaround.

See the back of the dress after the break.

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Tardimus Prime & Doctor Whoom 2

This is cosplayer Sebastien Nguyen who cosplays as ThatGuyYouKnow and he thinks the TARDIS really should be able to transform. He’s a big fan of Transformers and Doctor Who so he decided to combine the two in one fantastic costume. It’s made out of foam floor mats and took about three weeks to build. Absolutely brilliant.

Naturally, Tardimus Prime is accompanied by Doctor Whoom cosplayed by MrNikochu.

Photos by The Will Box.

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Two great shirts for one great show. First, there’s the TARDIS with the Doctor hanging from the bottom in silhouette, just like in that scene from the 50th anniversary episode. Next, you have the classic arcade game Pac-Man redone with the ghosts becoming Daleks as the TARDIS tries to gobble up all the dots before it’s caught.

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