This “Wonderlands” t-shirt combines “two different although very similar characters, in two places that are the same”.

Indeed, Spirited Away and Alice In Wonderland have often been compared. Imagine what it would be like if Alice and Chihiro had tea together?

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Now that Agent Carter has been given a second season, the merchandise is starting to pick up. More Peggy is always a good thing. These two tees were exclusives at C2E2 and have been made available while supplies last so, do as GGD says and grab one before they’re gone.

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ewok celebration

Considering the cuteness factor, it’s easy to forget sometimes that Ewoks were warriors that kicked a lot of Imperial butt. Think about it—the first time we really got a great look at them, they were planning on cooking and eating Han.

This shirt is only $12 for a limited time so grab it on the cheap while you can!

Product Page: $20 ($12)

hairy baby daycare center

I’m always satisfied with my cat’s care at the Hairy Baby Daycare Center.

Product Page ($20)

This Baymax-inspired shirt is new in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store! Head on over to check out more nerdy designs.


It was one year ago that GoslingCulkinCeption became a thing on the Internet. Now you can have similar t-shirt battles with your buddies thanks to Tshirt Inception. The steps include:

1. Upload a photo of yourself.

2. We print that photo onto a tshirt and mail it to your friend with a note.

3. Our note tells your friend to take a photo of themself wearing the tshirt and upload it on our site.

4. We print that photo onto a tshirt and mail it to you.

5. You and your friend can repeat this indefinitely to fall deeper down the rabbithole of Tshirt Inception.

It’s another one of those crazy Internet ideas that just might work. Then again, after buying shirt #2 I would probably start to feel like an idiot.

Product Page ($25)

dark side of the cube

The Avengers-inspired “Dark Side Of The Cube” is new in our Nerd Approved T-Shirt Store and it’s on sale for just $14 through today. Grab it at a discount while you can!

Product Page ($20 $14)


The inclusion of female superheroes on merchandise has become a topic of conversation in the last couple of years and t-shirts like this give me hope that our voices are being heard. It features DC faves like Wonder Woman, Zatana, Vixen, Woman, Black Canary, and Hawkgirl looking badass and ready for battle.

Product Page ($23.99)


While we love to focus on all things geek and keep things light around here, the devastation caused by the massive earthquake in Nepal has left thousands dead and many more struggling. It’s not easy to bring relief to people who are dealing with that sort of loss.

Bungie is doing what they can to help by offering a Destiny-themed t-shirt dedicated to the cause, and is inviting Guardians to come to the aid of Nepal in this terrible time.

100% of the profits from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to recognized charities providing direct relief efforts in Nepal. You’ll also get an in-game shader and emblem code with your purchase.

Product Page ($24.99)

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teepublic star wars

To celebrate Star Wars day, we’ve teamed up with TeePublic to give away five Star Wars-inspired shirts from their collection to lucky readers!

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Rugrats, Beavis and Butthead, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory – it’s all your favorite ’90s cartoons on one t-shirt! Just be prepared to have people stop you on the street to see how many they can name.

Product Page ($49.84)