As a geek, I have a love of books, puns, nerdy shirts, and lists. This collection of literary nerd tees covers all of those for me.

Buzzfeed curated the list but I have selected some of my favorites. My ultimate fave has to be the Atticus Finch one, because it looks so perfectly normal and will make people smile if they get it. You get get that shirt here.

Head after the break to see more of my faves.

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nes my life 1

What if the items on our to-do list were classic Nintendo games? NES My Life imagines our everyday boring activities as retro games, and the designs are pretty funny. Imagine riveting titles like Commute (hours of gameplay!), Job Hunt, and Student Loan Scramble? Hey, if you have to live through such activities, you may as well have fun and poke a little fun at them.

See more NES My Life designs after the break.

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Do you know why She-Ra is totally awesome? Well, aside from being the Princess of Power, she also rides a flipping unicorn. His name is Swift Wind and he is glorious. So, if you’re a fan of She-Ra, you can celebrate all of her princess-y power by wearing these shirts.

The shirt above is pretty straightforward, but the version after the break is super intense. It depicts She-Ra right after her transformation from Adora in an eye-popping sublimation print.

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officiate tshirt

Have you ever wondered what the Daleks would do if they weren’t busy exterminating everything in sight? Just imagine the possibilities.

Head after the break to get a closer look at this super cute tee.

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Maybe it’s just my utter love for hedgehogs talking, but this shirt is awesome.

I mean, I never thought about it this way, but it is kind of true. For once, I’m not thinking about Sonic—just little hedgehogs fighting sword battles.

The shirt comes in sizes S – 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($18.00)

Her Universe Star Wars Rebels merch 2

Star Wars Rebels has only been on the air about a month, but I’m already prepared to join the ranks of the Ghost crew. Since that’s not quite possible, I’ll just support them from this side of the galaxy by wearing new rebellious designs from Her Universe. The long sleeve tee features Sabine Wren’s phoenix, and the t-shirt has the Mandalorian’s helmet. Don’t worry – they probably weren’t printed with explosive paint.

See the other design and the youth sizes after the break.

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Sloth Wars [T-Shirt]

sloth wars

Wookiees may be fierce creatures, but everyone can use a little backup. That’s when you need your sloth army, waiting in the trees, bowcasters at the ready. Just give them plenty of time to crawl into a good position.

Product Page ($12 via shirtoid)

serenity wallpaper

There’s a saying that the kitchen is the heart of a home and, considering that Serenity is home to our favorite Browncoat crew, this t-shirt that combines the ship’s logo and her kitchen wallpaper makes a lot of sense.

The shirt runs in sizes S to 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($14 via Reddit)


Who doesn’t need more snazzy Firefly t-shirts in their wardrobe? Luckily for all of you Browncoats out there, ThinkGeek has two new styles to keep you flying in the most fashionable attire. One of the designs features Kaylee, her umbrella, and her peppy, “Everything’s shiny, Captain” line, and the other tee features Captain Malcolm Reynolds’ infamous “I aim to misbehave” quote. Go ahead and treat yourself and buy both of them.

See the Mal design after the break.

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Leanna is like a lot of little girls. She’s five-years-old and loves superheroes. Unfortunately, when she wore her superhero t-shirts to kindergarten, boys in her class tell her that superheroes are “for boys.” That’s when her seven-year-old sister Adalina stepped in. She declared October 1st to be Wear Your Superheroes Day – a day for boys and girls of all ages to wear superhero clothing.

It started with a Facebook event, and over 2,000 people RSVP’d. Participants posted pics on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes. Organizers Tom Nagel, Stacy Brannan-Smith, and Mindy Ellis Nagel posted the following on the Facebook event:

To everyone who shared their #WearYourSuperheroes photos and words of encouragement for Adalina and Leanna: Thank you so much! To say that we are overwhelmed by your response would be an extraordinary understatement.

Although I don’t think they totally understand the impact that their idea had, or just how many people came together to support them, I can say with certainty that the girls had a blast today. More importantly, you helped us achieve our goal of enabling Leanna to “wear her superheroes” with confidence!

After talking with her this evening, I realized that she didn’t see this day as being about her. It was simply a celebration. She told me that she was excited that everyone got to dress up as their favorite superhero, and I could tell how happy she was that there were so many other people who share her interests.

They’ve created a website for the event, and they’re not done. They plan to continue hosting events, including something for Halloween. You can keep up with the latest at their Facebook page.

(via CNET, photo via Wear Your Superheroes)