Online retailer RageOn has some of the most insanely unique Pokemon items I’ve ever seen. That uniqueness, plus the fact that they’re having a sale means it’s a great time to check out their stuff.

I’m not sure if you ever thought you needed a tank with Charmander saying “Burndown For What?” Or if you wanted a Pokemon shower curtain or bedspread, but they’re here and they’re intense.

Head after the break to get a look at some of the items on sale.

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math shirt

If you have a problem admitting that you suck at math, this shirt will solve it. You now have 99 problems, but actually sucking at math is still one.

The design is also available as a tank and a hoodie.

Product Page ($28-$44 via Reddit)


Even sitting on the couch gaming and eating chips looks elegant in the the Art Nouveau style of Alphonse Mucha.

Grab this shirt while you can. It’s just $11 today only!

Product Page ($11)

grammar police shirt

Now all you need is a badge. I mean, who needs friends? They’re breaking the law dammit.

Product Page ($24)


Oliver Queen is all about archery, kicking butt and saving the day. But Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver on Arrow, is all about being positive and helping out those in need. He recently launched a charity campaign called “Sinceriously,” which focuses on spreading positive thoughts and deeds with total honesty.

You can support the campaign by buying one the shirts pictured above, which defines the word Amell coined. The campaign will benefit two charities: Stand for the Silent, an anti-bullying advocacy group, and Paws & Stripes, a non-profit that partners military veterans with service dogs.

See Also: Stephen Amell’s Dudes Being Dudes In Wine Country

If you’d like to watch Amell’s Facebook announcement about this campaign, you can check out the video after the break…

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grandma dinosaurs

Something tells me Daniella Dix has grandmothers who like to knit, because she has this Grandma sweater style down perfectly.

The addition of dinosaurs and the fact that it’s a t-shirt so you don’t have to be hot and itchy when you wear it just make it so perfect.

You can get this as a tee, iPhone case, or a print. Take a closer look at the design after the break…

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new shirts 2

We’ve added a whole mess of new nerdy shirts to our merch store, and their awesomeness knows no bounds. Especially the “Say Listen Again” shirt—that one always makes me laugh. Plus, that Serenity shirt has actually been to space.

Head on over to the store to see the entire collection.


I spotted this thanks to the lovely Natalie and now I want every single thing in the collection!

Seriously, I don’t know what it is about this Library collection by BookRiot, but the site of those date stamps and library cards just takes me back and gets me right in the nostalgia feels. They have cool stuff from coasters to tees to totes and I honestly want all of it.

Head after the break to see more examples.

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QMx has a new Firefly tee in time for Valentines Day that’s all about love.

Deep red with Mal’s heartfelt quote “Love keeps her in the air when she ought to fall down”, this tee’s art nouveau design by Sara Holle hits on one of the reasons we all love Firefly.

Whether you get one for your significant other or just want it to declare your love for the show, it’s a perfect little something (and it’s a limited edition).

Head after the break to see more pictures.

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Star Wars meets Game Of Thrones in these two new tees for House Sith and House Skywalker. Y’know, considering the fact that there are all sorts of politics in the Star Wars universe, I actually think this idea could go beyond just these two tees. House Organa would probably be very cool. House Onasi, anyone?

Head after the break to get a better look.

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