Artist Tom Hodges has a real knack for Star Wars and Disney mashups, as this Jedi Disney Princesses series demonstrates.

I think Jazmiin, Poe Kahantaz, and M’Laan are my personal favorites, but they’re all pretty awesome. Speaking of awesome, many of these designs are available on t-shirts and hoodies!

Check out the rest of the designs below.

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Pew Pew Pew [T-Shirt]

pew pew

Pew Pew? Pew.

We’ve pew pewed this Star Wars-themed shirt into our Nerd Approved Shirt store! It’s also available in other styles ranging from hoodies to baseball tees.

Pew Pew Pew ($20)

kylo ren shirt

This Kylo Ren shirt was made by Redditor doitforthedoge using stencils and bleach based on a print design by Marko Manev. The shirt isn’t for sale, but damn…we really wish it was.


Wonder Woman will make her first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but she’s poised to become an important part of the DC Cinematic Universe moving forward. That said, Wonder Woman tees are starting to appear based on BvS and the designs are fantastic.

Take a closer look at the designs in the images below.

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This Hawaiian shirt from Etsy seller CarolinaPerezDesigns is the ideal attire for post-apocalyptic casual Fridays.

Take a closer look at the design in the images below. Brainshakes are definitely on the menu at the Zombie Drive-In where The Man With Two Brains runs on a continuous loop.

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superhero minimalism

This line of matching sweatshirts, underwear, t-shirts and tanks is described as “Superhero Minimalism”, but there’s nothing minimalist about completely covering yourself in brightly colored superhero faces. It’s a bold look for bold nerds.

Product Page (Prices Vary)


During my trip to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens press event this weekend, I had a chance to check out some of the new and upcoming merchandise, and I noticed that there’s a lot of cool Rey stuff out there.

Rey was front and center when it came to costumes, figures, clothes, bags, toys and more. Phasma’s also well represented.

Between you and me, it took everything I had not to run away with the Rey backpack and billfold (we believe they’ll be out soon from Bioworld). Check out more merch from the event below.

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Batcatman? [T-Shirt]


If Bruce Wayne was traumatized by both bats and cats as a child, this would be his logo.

And if you think a bat symbol made of cats is weird, just imagine what his suit would look like.

Product Page ($20-$24)

rampage cat

I knew it would end like this. Quick to the boats!

Product Page ($29.99)

Oh crap, the kittens are also attacking at sea! There is no escape!


Fear his blocky botany powers!

This Martian-inspired design is also available on everything from pillows to tote bags.

Product Page (Prices Vary)