who turned out the lights

Silence In The Library is one of my very favorite Doctor Who episodes, but it’s also one of the episodes that freaks me out the most because of this very thing.

If you want to scare me badly enough to make me run away, follow me in a zombie walk and just say “Hey, who turned out the lights?” in a creepy monotone. Works like a charm.

This design has the added benefit of being glow in the dark, so you can freak people out by turning out the lights and then following them around. Because you’re evil and you know you’ll do it.

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imperial evolution

There’s been a lot of talk about the new Stormtrooper helmet design in the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, but as this t-shirt design by Tom Hodges shows, it’s not the first time the helmet has undergone an evolution.

This shirt has just been added to our Nerd Approved / Fashionably Geek merch store and is just $14 for a limited time.

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little princess tee

This design by Kelly Larson is a big bundle of feels from my childhood wrapped onto one perfectly poignant design. This mash up of Star Wars and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince is called The Little Princess and I want it on everything I own.

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Riot Games has just launched its League of Legends store, so prepare to start emptying your wallet. There are hoodies, track jackets, and t-shirts along with the most adorable plush hats. You can choose from a Teemo or Corki hat and look fantastic while you’re keeping warm this winter.

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movie description tee 1

Get ready, obscure movie reference lovers because these t-shirts from Stereotype Design are made for you. The simple designs describe a movie with a single sentence, the release date, and the rating. It’s like Twitter-length movie summaries! They highlight films such as Star Wars, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and more. How many movies can you name based on these short descriptions?

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millenium falconry

A long time ago, in a world…I’m mixing my movie trailer catch phrases, but this Millennium Falconry tee is a fun play on words and a great design. I wonder how fast these birds can do the Kessel Run.

My Olde English is rusty, but it needs a motto like “She may not looketh like much, but she hath it where it doth matter.

Keep in mind that this shirt is 40% off through Saturday, November 29th. It will be 30% off on Sunday. Just use the code “BF2014″ at checkout. When the Black Friday sales are over, it will be back up to $20.

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As a geek, I have a love of books, puns, nerdy shirts, and lists. This collection of literary nerd tees covers all of those for me.

Buzzfeed curated the list but I have selected some of my favorites. My ultimate fave has to be the Atticus Finch one, because it looks so perfectly normal and will make people smile if they get it. You get get that shirt here.

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nes my life 1

What if the items on our to-do list were classic Nintendo games? NES My Life imagines our everyday boring activities as retro games, and the designs are pretty funny. Imagine riveting titles like Commute (hours of gameplay!), Job Hunt, and Student Loan Scramble? Hey, if you have to live through such activities, you may as well have fun and poke a little fun at them.

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Do you know why She-Ra is totally awesome? Well, aside from being the Princess of Power, she also rides a flipping unicorn. His name is Swift Wind and he is glorious. So, if you’re a fan of She-Ra, you can celebrate all of her princess-y power by wearing these shirts.

The shirt above is pretty straightforward, but the version after the break is super intense. It depicts She-Ra right after her transformation from Adora in an eye-popping sublimation print.

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officiate tshirt

Have you ever wondered what the Daleks would do if they weren’t busy exterminating everything in sight? Just imagine the possibilities.

Head after the break to get a closer look at this super cute tee.

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