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If you listen to Pink Floyd’s 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon, eleven times in a row and you sing all of the lyrics to “Us and Them” while staring into a mirror, and if the stars are in perfect alignment, it’s entirely possible to summon a unicorn. Then, and only then, will you truly grasp what it means to witness “The Dark Side of the Unicorn.” You have been warned.

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There are a few rules for having Gizmo as a pet. Break them at your peril. One of those rules is to never get him wet. Needless to say, you don’t want to win this game. I mean, it’s just flat out insane.

What’s next? Taking him to a booth for fried dough after midnight?

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The Adventures of Tom and Harry takes the constantly fighting duo of Tom and Jerry and brings some magic into their lives through Harry Potter. Tom is now Tom Riddle and Jerry is now Harry and you just know things aren’t going to end well for that poor cat.

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Not these ghosts anyway. This “Ghosts, Busted” design depicts all of the best pop culture ghosts getting caught in a Ghostbuster trap.

You can pick either a tote bag or a t-shirt with the image. On a side note, poor Space Ghost–first he loses his talk show, and then he gets captured by the Ghostbusters. Hollywood can be rough, huh?

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This cross-stitch t-shirt features an awesome pixellated image of Samus Aran from Metroid. It was made by Amythelamey and took about two hours a day over the course of four weeks to finish. She made a computer-generated image for the canvas and then sewed it right onto the shirt. The last step is trimming all the leftover canvas to leave just the image.

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tesla god of thunder

If Thor challenged Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison to pick up Mjölnir (as he does with the Avengers in Age Of Ultron) we’re convinced that Tesla would be worthy. Perhaps then he would get the respect that he deserves.

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ABC4 copy

If you’re teaching your little ones their ABCs, you might as well throw in a little nerdy pop culture while you’re at it. Case in point: This “How I Nerd My ABCs” shirt  highlights the entire alphabet, but it illustrates each letter with a corresponding nerdy pop culture icon. For instance, “A” is for Ash, the man with the boomstick, and “B” is for Buffy, the teenage vampire slayer. Honestly, why don’t they use the nerdy ABCs in school?

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rocket raccoon hoodie

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy made me fall for Groot and want to be like Rocket Raccoon. I can embrace that side of my personality soon because Her Universe has released an epic Rocket Raccoon cosplay shirt. The sleeveless design is printed with Rocket’s orange jumpsuit from the film and has a hood with little furry raccoon ears. But the best part? It comes with a detachable tail. Ahhh!

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Sure, we all root for the hero, but there’s a good chance that a character or two may die by the end of some movies. Kill anyone, but the dog better live or there is going to be trouble.

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jurassic mario

What if Yoshi wasn’t a cute and innocent little dinosaur? In this Super Mario Bros. and Jurassic Park mash-up t-shirt design by Taylor Rose, Yoshi is a dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing Mario, Luigi, and Peach. You might feel bad for them at first, but maybe this is what they deserve.

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