This t-shirt features a beautiful Lux from League of Legends on a t-shirt. From the product page:

Designed by Summoner Cubehero. In between battles, Lux quickly dons an apron to preserve her pristine armor and starts painting! Known by her fans as the Painter of Light, Lux’s crowning achievement is an old painting called Finales Funkeln.

The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Product Pages: Women/Men ($21.99 via So Geek Chic)

unicorn dinosaur shirt 1

There’s no battle like one between mythical creatures, and this vibrant design from Black Milk Clothing has it all. The front of the polyester tee features a beautiful but fierce unicorn while the back of the tee has a robot dinosaur that shoots lasers from its head. The fight plays out against a background of space and rainbows. Tell me this isn’t the greatest shirt in the history of ever.

See the back of the shirt with the robot dinosaur after the break.

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This shirt will explain to the world why you’re not all chipper and ready to go first thing in the morning. You’re not lazy. You’ve been up all night fighting evil by moonlight. The work of a Sailor Scout is never done.

Product Page ($23 via BuzzFeed)

karate cat t-shirt

Nothing turns heads quite like a tacky cat t-shirt, and this one from Zumiez achieves an amazing level of gaudy that all cat shirts should strive for. It features an orange cat background and a human with a cat head doing karate in the foreground. It’s delightfully ridiculous. Plus, your enemies will know that you’re not to be trifled with.

Product Page ($19.99 via Boing Boing)


Dress up your t-shirt drawer with this creative Deadpool argyle design by Manospd. Any Deadpool fan will immediately recognize the mask and swords, but to those not in the know, the shirt just looks like it has a funky argyle print. It would look fabulous with a black or gray cardigan.

Product Page ($17.95 via Shirtoid)

grootmas tree

If you don’t feel like making a Groot Christmas tree topper, you can still get in the holiday spirit with the mostly quiet member of the Guardians of the Galaxy by wearing this adorable t-shirt. Designed by fishbiscuit6, the festive design features baby Groot decorated like a Christmas tree. Maybe Marvel will turn that into an actual product for Christmas 2015.

Product Page ($15 via Shirtoid)


Here’s the perfect shirt to get those French taunters to ease up a little with the insults. It’s got their signature helmet and crossed halberds designed to look like the official team logo for, um, a team of wicked taunters. Yes, that’s it. Root for Team Taunters or risk their farts wafting in your general direction.

(Product Page ($19.95)


Star Trek’s Christopher Pike didn’t have an easy time. He was severely injured by radiation and left paralyzed. He was confined to a wheelchair and could only communicate through a light built into the device. This sublimated t-shirt from ThinkGeek captures the front of Pike’s black wheelchair. It’s an obscure reference and a little sad.

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If that stupid little Navi says, “Listen!” one more time, there’s going to be a much tougher customer than Link ready to lose his temper. Jules is about to bring a bloody and vicious end to this nonsense.

Product Page ($25.52 via Reddit)


Boba Fett never misses a mark. Never! Well, save for the occasions when he falls into a sarlacc pit, but otherwise he very rarely lets a bounty escape him. In fact, Boba is so dedicated to his job that if a mark suddenly found a way to travel back in time, he would be able to follow. Yep, that’s right: Boba has a ManDeLorean that’s perfectly capable of hitting 88 mph.

Product Page: ($14.95 – $18.95)