time lord hoodie

When we’ve seen the High Council of Time Lords in Doctor Who, they’re robed in dark red maroon costumes. This zip-up hoodie captures that color, and you don’t have to wear the rest of the elaborate outfit to look like the Gallifreyans. The shoulder of the hoodie even features the Seal of Rassilon.

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lol jinx hoodie 1

Jinx has one of the most colorful costumes in League of Legends – and that’s saying something. Her bright blue hair and pink top and tights are captured perfectly in this costume hoodie by Etsy seller Hoodied. The design comes in unisex sizes, and it looks comfortable and cozy – just the sort of hoodie I’d like to curl up in while gaming.

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Zelda shirt header

Tired of Legend of Zelda shirts that only have the Triforce symbol? Geeky U has cute tanks, tees, and sweatshirts that feature the familiar triangles but also the Hylian crest and Link’s master sword. The triple threat makes for a beautifully geeky design. Geeky U offers the shirts in different colors and makes them to order with just a few days turnaround time.

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zelda hoodie 2

You can never own too many hoodies. The lightweight jackets are ideal for so many seasons and climates. Any time you need to build up layers, turn to a hoodie. This Legend of Zelda design from Gamer Heaven was made for going on adventures. It will keep you warm and cozy on a hike in the woods, by the ocean, or on the way to Lake Hylia. I love the Hylian crest on the back and the chevron patterns on the sleeves.

Pre-order now to receive the hoodie near the end of May.

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So, you’ve spent the last few hours stomping on jet-pack-wearing pilots with your very own gun-toting mecha. Good for you. Hard work, right? Go take a break. Get some fresh air. But wait, how will anyone know that you’re an expert Titan pilot? You have to acknowledge your skills, right? Well, it’s simple: Head on out into the real world with this awesome Titanfall sweatshirt. Everyone will look at you and know that, yes, you can pilot a robot. You are all that is awesome and fantastical in this world. Congratulations.

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Love Skyrim? Love comfortable but attractive hoodies? Then you can stop right here and drool over this new Dark Brotherhood ANGL hoodie design from Treehouse and Bethesda. It’s made especially for women so it has a tailored, flattering fit.

They’ve carefully considered each detail when designing this hoodie too. You’ll find an asymmetrical zipper, an oversize hood that also serves as a cowl, and my favorite: thumb holes! Another perk? There’s a headphone feed in each pocket.

This hoodie design is the most flattering and warm sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. Seriously. And I have a bit of a hoodie obsession. The black and wine color palette and Dark Brotherhood hand print with the ominous words “We know” are icing on the cake.

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This hooded sweatshirt will turn you into everyone’s favorite psychotic jester in the most adorable way possible. It’s got a zippered front that helps divide it into the black an red color scheme and the hood is even a jester’s hat.

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hp sweatshirt 1

Pull on this comfy-looking sweatshirt to cozy up with all seven Harry Potter books at once! Etsy seller So Effing Cute has fit the essence of all the titles onto a shirt design without making it look crowded. I’m impressed. It’s a cool, minimalist design that’s made to order. You can choose the size of the shirt, and you can pick from a couple of different colors. Turnaround time for the shirts is 1-2 weeks.

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The primary villain of the Harry Potter series may be Voldemort, but Dolores Umbridge is a serious competitor for the title. Seriously. I mean, she tortures schoolchildren for pity’s sake. This epic sweatshirt features her pink, cat-filled office along with the meme: “Trust no bitch.” It’s for the best.

Umbridge’s sweatshirt is so popular that it’s backordered until the end of January, but you can still get your order in! Some shirts are worth waiting for.

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This is the perfect hoodie for the Minecraft addict in your life. If that addict happens to be you, we promise we won’t let the secret out. The hoodie is available in youth and adult sizes and has a purple particle effect print as well as reflective eyes on the hood.

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