Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me, but I have to admit that Henry Cavill looks great in a replica of his suit (though the black and white probably helps). Zack Snyder recently shared the photo on Vero, which was taken during a screen test for Man of Steel. Apparently, his ability to wear the suit without looking like an idiot was instrumental in Cavill landing the role: [click to continue…]

We’ve been seeing more and more superhero-themed activewear options lately, and Her Universe is jumping into the fray once again with an official DC line at Kohls that features Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman inspired designs. Check out more styles below. [click to continue…]


If you’re an ordinary person, you get gifts on holidays and your birthday. If you’re The Rock, you get stuff like an authentic Superman costume “straight from the super secret vaults of Warner Bros” out of the blue just for being awesome. [click to continue…]


This might be the cutest school photo I have ever seen. Redditor kjaj1213 definitely has this whole parenting thing down.

I hope she recreates it when she’s a senior. I hope she meets Henry Cavill and recreates it. Just keep the cuteness rolling ya’ know?

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As we inch closer to DC’s Rebirth event later this month, Comic Book Resources has given us our best look yet at the costume redesigns of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Aquaman and more.

Prepare your cosplay.

Check out the rest of the series below.

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Batman just lost the theme song jam to the Man of Steel. While strumming in the park, his dissonant ukulele rendition of the 1960s theme was quickly upstaged by Superman playing his infinitely more majestic signature tune on flaming bagpipes while riding a unicycle.

As you’ll see in the video below, the Dark Knight was pissed.

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build a bear batman and superman

In a fitting follow-up to this adorable Build A Bear Wonder Woman, Build-A-Bear Workshop is releasing new Superman and Batman bears, costumes, and even a bear-sized Batmobile.

I’d buy the Batmobile over anything, to be honest. If someone doesn’t make Wonder Woman drive that bad boy, life isn’t worth living anymore.

You can get the new bears and accessories at Build-A-Bear Workshops or online at

Check out the Batmobile and themed bears below.

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Medieval-style costumer Samuel Lee of Prince Armory has dazzled us with this Kryptonian armor design inspired by Man of Steel. Y’know, the Superman film everybody loves to hate.

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Believe it or not, this armor design is actually made from leather. It feels like it could well have been lifted from concept art for the scenes of the movie set on Supe’s doomed homeworld. Honestly, it’s just stunning.

Continue on to check out photos of the suit in its entirety.

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We’re big fans of Takayas custom jewelry around here. Not only do they make amazing geeky wedding and engagement rings, but they always seem to be super enthusiastic about the projects.

Meagan and Mario approached us with their ideas for a custom Superman and Konami wedding ring set, it was impossible not to be excited. We’re so happy to be able to share their story.

After the consultation, both of them knew the rings had to incorporate the Superman symbol, but Meagan also wanted to incorporate a butterfly design and Mario wanted his wedding band to be based on the Konami Code.

Meagan’s Superman and butterfly wedding ring set may be one of our favorite projects to date because it’s a perfect representation of the balance we try to strike when designing pieces with comic book references. If interpreted too literally, superhero designs can quickly become the kryptonite of a timeless engagement ring. So for her ring set, Takayas decided to build both of her rings using the silhouette of a butterfly as the main focus, and for the engagement ring, he subtly added the Superman “S” into the setting.

Takayas said they had a lot of fun with the groom’s ring.

Mario’s ring was a lot of fun because his band is actually a series of video game controller D-Pads linked together. His ring is based on the popular cheat code that appears in many Konami video games. If you look closely, you’ll notice that in place of an arrow, each button is represented with the Superman symbol’s diamond shape. The B and A buttons are in the back of the band.

Somehow, they made these unusual combinations work as both individual rings and as a set. Take a closer look at the designs in the images below.

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We featured the first wave of Sunstaches mask sunglasses last month, but a whole bunch of ridiculous new options are on their way. We’re talking Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Superman, and even Minions.

Check out all of the latest Sunstaches after the break…

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