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Warm weather and sunshine are here, which means you’re probably getting ready to head to the beach to take advantage of some much needed relaxing on the sand. If you’re wondering how you can best express your geeky side while enjoying your day out, we have some (many) suggestions!

With a little research you can find a bathing suit inspired by almost any fandom. Whether anime or video games are your passion, you have options when it comes to swimwear. Not only that, but there are a number of fun beach accessories inspired by pop culture that you can bring along too! Why not go all the way and let your geekiness shine in every aspect of your beach experience?

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Superman car

Just because your car has a cape doesn’t mean you can fly fast enough to escape law enforcement. The Central Motorway Policing Group (CMPG) in the United Kingdom recently pulled over a car with a red cape on England’s M42 freeway. The driver and passenger were both dressed like Superman and got busted because they didn’t have insurance. CMPG took to Twitter with the above photo to say, “Even Superman needs insurance! We don’t work for Lex Luthor but we had to remove Superman’s wheels from the road.”

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superheroes adventure 1

Superheroes often spend their days surrounded by people who need their help. While it’s a worthy cause, it’s going to wear them down. A photomanipulation series by Benoit Lapray showcases what heroes might do in their off hours. The collection of images features cosplayers dressed as Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain America, and Spider-Man out in the wild enjoying nature and peace and quiet. They’ve earned it.

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jgzz2xofxluum7ly3kj6 copy

Live-action DC Superhero costumes have come a long way… or at least, most of them have. Reddit user hitokirivader created a unique tribute to the evolution of Superman and Batman costumes—he also included a nice jab to help remind everyone just how little cinematic attention the one true Amazonian princess, Wonder Woman, has received in the last few decades.

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black milk superheroes collection 1

Black Milk Clothing has been launching product left and right. Their Batman line recently hit the web, and in just ten days, they’re expanding their superhero collection. While it’s still all about DC Comics (this Marvel girl has a sad face), it focuses on non-Gotham City heroes.

You’ll be able to choose from Wonder Woman and Superman suits with capes, a Rorschach tee, a Black Freighter tee, and star covered leggings that look like they’d be at home in Wonder Woman’s closet. The line also features shiny blue and silver pieces, and a sexy and fun Catwoman bodysuit design. You’ll be able to acquire these items at 9am AEST on March 27th.

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makeup bag wonder woman

Though ladies have been getting more and more geeky products tailored to their tastes, makeup and cosmetics is an area that’s still growing. There’s so much potential when it comes to makeup bags, for example, and I’m glad to see someone jumping on it. Bioworld Merchandising is offering bags featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Harley Quinn. You can pre-order now for an estimated arrival date in April.

And even though they’re called makeup bags, they’re great for on-the-go sewing kits, pencil cases, and much more!

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darth vader hollywood

Hollywood has one exceptionally touristy intersection where people crowd the sidewalks and costumed characters roam the streets trying to get tips. Crime isn’t uncommon, but you don’t see a guy bust out the windows of an LAPD car every day. A photographer for a local news station was nearby and recorded the whole thing as he was calling 911, and the video shows Darth Vader standing nearby watching the whole thing go down. Superman also shows up as a witness. Only in Hollywood.

A lot of people walked by as if nothing was happening, but given that the guy looked angry and was wielding blunt objects, I don’t blame them for moving along.

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batman catwoman kiss tee

Kisses abound at Hot Topic with three new tank tops capturing Batman curling up with Catwoman, Superman on the verge of laying one on Wonder Woman and a lovingly insane liplock between Harley and The Joker.

They’re definitely a gorgeous way to wear your favorite DC heroes and villains—especially on Valentine’s Day.

Each tee comes in junior sizes XS to 3XL.

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There is no such thing as too much geeky jewelry. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s good that I rationalize because look at all these lovely pieces from Guild Jewellry Design! The Australia-based company has the license to make sterling silver jewelry for DC Comics and Star Trek, and they do impressive work. Guild Jewellery absolutely nails geek chic, and the collection includes a Batman ring, Flash cufflinks, a Star Trek pendant and a Lantern Corps charm bracelet.

The only negative is that no U.S. shops currently carry the jewelry. However, where there’s the internet, there is usually a way. Happy hunting.

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superman loves wonder woman tattoo

Tattoo by Crystal “Inky McStapleface” at Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium.

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(via FYeah Tattoos)