comic leggings

While the clothing options for comic book loving women have gotten better over the years, I figure you can never have too many choices or too many pairs of leggings.

In that spirit, I present Etsy seller Exotica Leggings.

Exotica Leggings has lots of different styles. Just be aware that they’re one size, so they may not be for everyone. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


These teens at Subiaco Academy in Arkansas just raised the bar on geek chic at the prom by showing up in color-coordinated superhero outfits.

While I’ll admit to wishing one of these ladies had revealed her own secret identity, this is still pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Photos by Johnny Bolinger of BN Focus Photography.

Check out more pics below.

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superhero minimalism

This line of matching sweatshirts, underwear, t-shirts and tanks is described as “Superhero Minimalism”, but there’s nothing minimalist about completely covering yourself in brightly colored superhero faces. It’s a bold look for bold nerds.

Product Page (Prices Vary)


Etsy shop isoppie creates wonderful dice bags, including ones with a superhero/supervillain twist. From Gotham City to Asgard, her shop contains over 40 different character designs. Each 12-sided bag features a magnetic closure and contains an interior drawstring bag for extra dice security.

Check out some of my favorites after the break.

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Artist Argenis Pinal uses only makeup to transform himself into both male and female superheroes. His ability to completely disappear into the character is beyond impressive.

Check out more of his amazing work after the break. It’s truly hard to believe that the same person is pictured in each one.

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We all know that many female superheroes tend to wear costumes that are impractical at best. Artist Lord Ingvard is working on a series of revamped costumes that are functional but still feminine. He writes:

I love comics and superheroes as much as the next nerd, but the women’s costumes—sweet mother of Moses!—the COSTUMES. At the very least, highly impractical. And at worst, incredibly sexist. I mean, EXTREMELY so. Honestly, I don’t know why women haven’t been a lot more angry and vocal about this kind of thing over the years. Like “Ferguson riot” angry. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that expressing one’s sexuality is a natural, healthy thing, and certainly not something to be censured or shamed, but holly hammer of Thor, there’s a time and a place for everything!

That being said, I just had to take a shot at addressing the most obvious problems. Now, I am not by any means an experienced or accomplished character designer. I am not suggesting these costume re-designs are ideal, or even very good. My main goal was to at least TRY to approach the subject of female superheroes with the degree of logic, equality, and respect they—and their readers—deserve.

See examples after the break.

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These camis and panties are a cute and comfortable way to add a little superhero (or supervillain) style to your wardrobe.

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In an effort that spanned the globe, cosplayers gathered to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as DC Comics Superheroes. The event took place over 24-hours with thousand dressing up to be a part of the record. Fans from United States, Brazil, Australia, and more all set up events in their own countries to make the day a success.

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This 3-pack of knee high socks features some of your favorite Marvel ladies fighting the forces of boring footwear. There’s Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman each in a cotton/polyester/spandex blend.

Product Page ($14.99)


If you never had an interest in makeup, that will probably change after you check out the work of Lianne Moseley. The self-trained makeup artist makes her living doing standard work on brides and models, but recently began dedicating her free time and ample skill to transforming people into superheroes that literally look as if they just took a trip from the pages of a comic book into the third dimension. Needless to say, the internet quickly took notice, leading to the landing of her first professional gig at the beginning of the month.

The process is said to take several hours to complete, and as you will see in the additional examples after the jump, the results will make you think you’re looking at something created with Photoshop.

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