These beautiful and bright Justice League watches come in colors that match each of five different DC heroes. There’s Superman, The Flash, Batman, The Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman. These limited edition watches have unique faces with dots for the hours, a bar underneath for the minutes, and a window on the right for seconds.

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This shirt collects all your favorite characters in one glorious, pixelated group. It has Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Ghostbusters and even the gang from Adventure Time thrown in there for good measure.

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Even superheroes and villains take a day off from saving or destroying the world and they need something a little more casual than their usual attire. Artist Mingjue Helen Chen has imagined what some of them might look like when they’re kicking back, relaxing, and plotting their next move.

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black milk superheroes collection 1

Black Milk Clothing has been launching product left and right. Their Batman line recently hit the web, and in just ten days, they’re expanding their superhero collection. While it’s still all about DC Comics (this Marvel girl has a sad face), it focuses on non-Gotham City heroes.

You’ll be able to choose from Wonder Woman and Superman suits with capes, a Rorschach tee, a Black Freighter tee, and star covered leggings that look like they’d be at home in Wonder Woman’s closet. The line also features shiny blue and silver pieces, and a sexy and fun Catwoman bodysuit design. You’ll be able to acquire these items at 9am AEST on March 27th.

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superheroes in a bar 1

When the Google Street team swoops in to perform 360 degree tours of locations, they have to blur out faces. However, if people are wearing masks, it takes care of the permissions/privacy violation issue. 4:30 Boardroom Bar in Fort Lauderdale took advantage of this loophole and hosted a superhero event the day Google stopped by.

You can see the results on Street View! No one’s faces had to be blurred, and it ended up being a cool promotion for the bar. Give those folks a marketing award.

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The Flash full costume

A couple weeks ago, we got our first look at the new costume for The Flash but it was just a taste.

This reveal from Warner Bros. Television gives us a full body look at Grant Gustin as The Flash.

The iconic costume was designed by 3-time Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed the costume for Arrow.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to seeing it in action?

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You have your pick of a veritable slew of DC characters in this new line of superhero dresses and costumes with tutus. There’s Batman, Superman, Robin, and more available in dresses and costumes in sizes from little girls through adults.

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Everyone knows that all it takes is one little lab accident to become a superhero. Just a stray spider or a few gamma rays is all you need. Forget lab coats and safety glasses and bring on the chemical spills!

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This wonderfully geeky wedding all started off with a proposal in Disneyland. Marisa and her new fiancée followed it with a Batman engagement shoot and then a wedding with all sorts of geeky touches. The bride wore fantastic Batman sneakers, the groom had a Batman bedecked boutonniere—and just look at that cake!

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supurr friends

The Supurrrr Friends are a formidable team, but I was able to defeat them by simply throwing a balled up piece of paper and a cardboard box into their midst. There’s nothing stopping my evil plans now!

Grab this t-shirt for just $12 (with free shipping) today only!

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