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Check out more photos and details from Blunt Force Cosplay on this Roaring ’20s Bowser and Princess Peach cosplay below. [click to continue…]

Jurassic Mario [Tattoos]

This unique Jurassic Park / Super Mario mashup tattoo is the work of Marc Durrant at Hidden Los Angeles Tattoo. Check him out on on Instagram and his personal website. He does some damn fine work.

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So Many Super Mario Beanies!


SO MANY! Chain chomp? Goomba? Bullet Bill? Piranha Plant? I can’t decide between all of these awesome Super Mario beanies! Winter is coming and here I am, beanieless. Well, actually I have several beanies—but they’re all dead to me now. Check out the rest of the collection below. [click to continue…]

borderlands peach top

Cosplayer Helena Steele has put together a Borderlands Princess Peach cosplay that makes me wish there was an actual game based on the mashup—especially when I see the group shots. You can check those out below. [click to continue…]

gamer swim trunks

You’ve already gone outside, but it will soon be time to unlock an even more ambitious achievement.

Going to the beach.

The transition is easier when you’re wearing swim shorts for gamers.

The Fallout swim shorts feature a Vault-Tec jumpsuit-style theme, and the Super Mario Bros. shorts feature images of iconic characters and enemies in a variety of different hues.

Take a closer look at the designs below.

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It’s-a tiny little Mario hat and Princess Peach crown that you can wear in your hair! These adorable mini accessories are hand molded from polymer clay by Etsy shop owner Lizglizz and are available in Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, and Waluigi versions.

This picture doesn’t even do them justice. Check out the how these cute hair pins look being worn after the break…

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I don’t know if these new shoes from Shoefury will let you jump as high as you can in Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, but you’ll look good wherever you go.

Promise me you’ll hum the theme while you walk.

Product Page ($69.99)

punk princess peach cosplay 1

Has Princess Peach ever looked so tough? I think not. This punked out take on Peach by Amanda Finley Cosplay is sassy and so very cool. I bet she doesn’t need to be saved. Peach is part of an entire Nintendo Punk Rock cosplay group that appeared at Ichibancon earlier this month; here’s hoping we’ll see more photos soon!

Photo by Double Stomp Productions.


Cosplay by 3dbdotcom.

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mario pendant

You can celebrate all things retro and awesome with this animated Super Mario pendant. The design features the soothing clouds from the classic game rolling by on an endless loop. If you don’t feel like looking at clouds, you can add your own graphics. You’ll need some materials like the Adafruit Pro Trinket LiPoly/Lilon Backpack (not to mention some soldering skills) to make your own.

See an overview of the project in the video after the break.

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