super mario bros.

super mario cuff 1

Square rhinestones make wonderful pixels – who knew?! Instructables user mactothefuture was aware of the trick and used tons of rhinestones to make a cuff bracelet featuring the question block from Super Mario Bros. She wrote a how-to, and to make your own, you only have to make or purchase a leather cuff and buy tons of rhinestones (okay, like 300 of them). Then you carefully apply them to the cuff with a rhinestone picker. It might be tedious work but just look at the finished product! I love sparkly and geeky combos.

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nintendo dog header

Putting costumes on dogs is one thing but shaving their fur and sculpting and dying it? That’s something else altogether. It’s a competitive industry though, and groomers compete for prizes at several events. At Intergroom 2014 in New Jersey, one groomer went completely crazy and made the neon-colored “Super Nintendog.”

The canine is one part Bowser, one part Mario, and has other small touches from the Super Mario games. The amount of detail included on one dog is kinda crazy. I don’t even know how to process what I’m seeing.

Photos by Macey J. Foronda, BuzzFeed.

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the pipe

If you play it, you’ll only have seven days to live. Make sure to stock up on extra lives.

“The Pipe” is on sale today only for $12-$25 (t-shirts and hoodies). Grab it while you can!

Product Page ($12)

mario deals

Two awesome Mario-themed t-shirts are doing a deal battle today on TeeFury. The shirts are only $11 each, so you can get both if you can’t decide. Better hurry though—the deal ends tomorrow!

Product Page ($11)

game backpack 2

There’s no such thing as too many bags, and when the backpacks are styled after Super Mario Bros you shouldn’t resist! I Am Gifts has an adorable trio of such designs available, and each one is creative. The Bowser bag pictured above is bright green and yellow and comes with a tiny plushie – they all do. If the bad guy isn’t your favorite, you also choose from 1-Up Mushroom and Question Block designs. It’s hard to pick!

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Piranha dress

This piranha plant might look mean, but it’s actually bright and friendly in this setting. I like the colorful design and the subtle nod to Super Mario Bros. In fact, the dress is made by Subtle Nerd with the intent of being stealthy. No word on pricing yet, but you can contact them through the link above to commission an evil plant dress of your very own.

(Zelda Lilly via PwnLove)

8 bit socks

Plain white socks are boring, and these designs from Sammy Icon are the opposite of that. They feature the bright colors of 8-bit video games like Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, and Pac-Man. The company already is in the sock business, but they’ve got a Kickstarter project to launch this new line.

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invincible knight

Was the Black Knight’s superhuman ability to survive due to illegal Super Star ingestion? The debate rages on, but you can definitely get this shirt for only $11 today. Grab it while you can!

Product Page ($11)

Female Bowser

If this Bowser kidnapped you and stuffed you in a castle, I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t mind. The costume is ridiculously creative too.

Photographed by coolsteel27.

(via it8Bit)


Poor, Westwey. His pwincess is in another castle. Looks like another trip through the Thieves’ Forest, possibly another duel and most definitely another battle of wits involving iocane powder.

Product Page ($15)