steampunk snow white

Cosplayed by enjoithis. Based on artwork by No Flutter.

Photography by Nikolisfoto.

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atomic girl 1

Need a the perfect cosplay accessory for your science fiction or steampunk costume? Atomic Girl has you covered. She crafts everything from eyepatches to necklaces to stylish retro 3D glasses. She utilizes materials like leather and resin to create items that will add pizzazz to your post-apocalyptic ensembles. You get perfectly aged items without all the extra work. We call that a win.

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Mall cops keep the peace at our local shopping meccas, but sometimes they need a little backup from the big boys. This was the case when mall cops at the Westfield Plaza Camino Real shopping center in Carlsbad, California called the real police over a bunch of steampunk cosplayers. What were the cosplayers doing to warrant a police visit? They were riding the carousel and taking pictures. Anyone would have been terrified.

Like most malls, they’ve got a code of conduct to keep people safe and they evicted the group of 25 cosplayers, which included some adorable kids, for violating key sections of this policy. The violations were…

“wearing apparel or gesturing in a manner which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict”

“congregating and loitering in groups of three (3) or more which hinders or interferes with the flow of other shoppers or obstructs entryways or walkways”

Riiight. Because if the pictures are any indication this is a rowdy bunch of hooligans bent on mass destruction and chaos. Chaos! Cosplayer Kim Keeline and her husband says they were all surprised by the response, but simply moved on to Dr. Watson’s Steampunk Odditorium.

As for the mall, they’ve released a statement saying, “Westfield welcomes all shoppers to visit our shopping centers and asks they abide by our centers’ code of conduct during their visit for safety and security reasons.” They also said the cosplayers can come back as long as they warn the mall first.

Image by Laura Lusk.

(Boing Boing via Geekosystem)

steampunk boba fett & r2

(via @SteampunkShoppe)

Check out more about awesome steampunk looks in our interview with the author of Anatomy Of Steampunk.

Ali-Fateh-page-55 (1)

Purse: Ali Fateh; Model: Aamina Sheikh; Photo/makeup/styling: Maram & Aabroo.

Steampunk is a unique, growing area of fashion that invokes images of a world where steam-powered technology rules and 19th century style mixes with goggles and gadgets. It has appeared regularly in creative cosplays and convention fashion, but the world of steampunk goes well beyond this and can seem so vast that it could be intimidating for beginners to figure out where to jump in.

Luckily a new book released last fall by writer and editor Katherine Gleason can help. Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism includes interviews with steampunk fashionistas and groups along with over 200 color photos that, according to Gleason, will help develop and educate the reader on the steampunk aesthetic. Beginners, steampunk veterans, and anyone interested in fashion will find something to catch their eye in this impressive book.

Discover more beautiful photos, along with Gleason’s inspiration and tips for steampunk beginners after the break.

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This wonderful steampunk version of Disney’s Ariel features Australian cosplayer The Artful Dodger. She’s kept Ariel as the cute little redhead, but she’s given her a steampunk bodice and trident that looks like it could zap Ursula dead in a heartbeat. The costume was inspired by a piece of artwork by HungryDesigns.

Top Photo: Lorenzo So Photography
Bottom Photo: Steven Yee of Supanova Expo

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steampunk wedding party

Weddings that don’t follow traditions make me happy. I feel like that’s happening more and more these days – especially when it comes to adding steampunk. It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen several interpretations of the theme, every couple brings their own spin to it. EPBOT recently featured two such weddings and it’s fun to see the different ideas.

Kristy and Carol’s wedding party (pictured above) is elegant in Victorian attire. They also had vintage jewelry incorporated into their bouquets, a lovely guest book with a steampunk vibe, and they made their guests little favor boxes that were appropriately aged to match the theme. Arnora and David also dressed in steampunk outfits but were married in a railway museum. Awesome. They made steampunk medals for the groomsmen’s boutonnieres and in a move that has nothing to do with steampunk but is awesome, their reception was all about hanging out and playing board games. I love it.

Check out pics from both weddings after the break.

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steampunk frankenstein 1

Frankenstein looks like an entirely different kind of monster when he’s made of gears and metal. I like this take on the classic creature, and I don’t recall seeing it done before. The details on the head are insane and though they are creepy, I think the additions make him look a little cooler. It’s clear the design was carefully planned. In my opinion, this is an example of steampunk done just right.

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Well done steampunk costumes are always fun to look at, and Fashionably Geek reader Bryan has shared photos of his beautiful steampunk Stormtrooper costume with us. It was his first costume, and he finished it just in time for Dragon Con. The armor seems like it was challenging – he made it all himself from Worbla, craft foam, and leather. I love the gold details on the armor; I think it adds a Victorian feel to the ensemble.

Bryan was inspired by a 3D design by Albert Feliu of original steampunk Star Wars art by Bjorn Hurri. Seeing designs like this come to life is one of the reasons the internet is awesome.

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This steampunk Optimus Prime mask was handmade by Captain Bayley out of a toy mask. A few extra rivets and some carefully applied paint turned it into a steampunk wonder. It’s also got a built in voice changer to add to the fun. You can just put this on display, but it can also be worn for cosplay (although a little interior padding might be required).

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