These handsome steampunk watches are the perfect accessory for discerning time traveling gentlemen. Each design, created by Etsy shop DGanin, comes with a large clock, a smaller clock, and a compass so you can always find your way.

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Super cosplayer Yaya Han has an Etsy shop filled with awesome accessories for your convention wardrobe. The shop’s latest adorable accouterments “designed by Yaya and lovingly crafted” are these mechanical-looking steampunk wings.

Though the wings look like they are sharp steel-cut blades, they are actually made from lightweight, flexible foam to resist bumping (and slashing) people and walls. So they are perfect for crowed conventions and steampunk events. The layered 3 dimensional design is mirrored on both sides so the wings look amazing from any angle.

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tardis noir

For those of you with a love for all things Doctor Who and Victorian/Steampunk, check out this beautiful Tardis Noir dress that features the original TARDIS console.

The dress consists of three pieces: Steel boned bodice, an underskirt, and a bustled overskirt/apron drape. It can be made in either cotton or satin and comes in either black and white (like the first seasons of the classic series) or the traditional TARDIS blue.

It’s made to order and fully custom sized to your measurements. Tracy Michelle also offers Renaissance style TARDIS and Dalek versions.

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This fantastic Link crossplay has a wonderful steampunk vibe. It features Molecular Agatha from Costa Rica in a costume she made herself with help from Karen Poblete.

Photos by Daniela Alfaro / Pushing Pixels / WeNeals

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The capital of Japan has a quarterly steampunk festival called “Steam Garden”, and the first event of 2015 will be held in Harajuku next month. The event is organized by the Tokyo Inventors Society–a group of diehard steampunk enthusiasts–and the Steam Garden FAQ notes that the event’s entertainment, music and booths are all carefully curated, and feature everything from “rodeo girls at a ‘Wild Wild West’ fashion show to Katana-wielding samurai and live Japanese traditional music for ‘Meiji Steam.’”

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Japanese steampunk is deeply influenced by the “Meiji period” (an era in Japanese history that covers the late 1800s up until the early 1900s–roughly the same time as the Victorian era), and the founders of the Tokyo Inventors Society note that Japanese steampunk features some unique variations from its Western counterparts. Luke, one of the founders, told Rocket News:

“Aesthetically, Steam Garden really pioneered what we sometimes call the ‘wild east’ style of Steampunk, a more intense version of the Wa-yo-setyuu style of fusing East and West, and this seems to be inspiring a lot of the younger steampunks now to be proud of Japanese steampunk style, rather than copying a Victorian or American look.”

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Nico-Tech (NicoNico) is a site that’s popular with hobbyists, and one user named Frisk_P recently shared this sexy steampunk creation.

Frisk has a thing for fashion and steampunk, so he created a unique steampunk heart rate monitor that actually works! Basically, it’s a modern heart monitor that’s attached to a thigh garter. The monitor features a heart rate circuit board that reads blood flow via a photoelectric transistor (so yeah, it’s not steam-powered). Then Frisk added a few rivets and brass fixtures to give it a real Victorian vibe. You can check out a video of the monitor in action after the break.

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Also, Frisk has some other unique fashion-y steampunk projects that he’s shared on Twitter in the past, and we posted some of those below as well.

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Cosplay by 3dbdotcom.

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warhammer close

I have to thank Galacticat for bringing this incredible Warhammer-inspired Stained Glass “Abbey” cosplay by Paige Gardner of Costume Art to my attention.

Gardner has a love of SteamPunk and says that she creates “costumes with the minimum of skill, talent and resources and the maximum of enthusiasm, confidence and tenacity.” Well, Paige, I beg to differ. This type of work takes a lot of skill and talent.

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Poison Ivy is a popular choice for cosplayers. That said, I’ve seen wildly different takes on the character. Even though I’ve seen a steampunk version of the Batman villain, I’ve never seen anything quite like this mad scientist spin by cosplayer Rei-Doll, a.k.a. Irene. Her creative costume was inspired by art by Jennifer, and the detailed props and background make this photo series extra spectacular.

Photos and decor by Soldatov Vladimir.

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Tinker Bell is one tough fairy, and in this cosplay she looks like she could take on Captain Hook, Smee, and the whole crew without any trouble. It features cosplayer Sandra Disney in pictures by Meian Photography.

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