Etsy seller Lisa Sell uses her impressive artistic skills to make masks with a geeky/fantasy vibe. From Cthulhu to dragons to delicate flowers, she’s creating magic one mask at a time.

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Inspired by the work of artist NoFlutter, Rini Cosplay and Kotone Cosplay went steampunk in these gorgeous Power Girl and Wonder Woman cosplays.

Photos by Kees Peters aka Chastten Cosplay Photography

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This Top Hat Has Brains


Some mad genius invented a steampunk top hat with a second brain that I’m guessing you can use as secondary storage. That’s where I would put all of the non-vital information and useless facts that squeeze out all of the important things in my main brain.

Like I started watching The Man In The High Castle the other day and recognized Allan Havey in the Episode “Sunrise” as a dude who use to have a talk show called “Night After Night” on Comedy Central in the early ’90s.

Yeah, let’s zoom that info right to my tiny top hat brain. Might put an embarrassing memory or two in there just so I can forget about it whenever the hat is off.

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This is Maddie. She was injured in a car accident and needs to wear a brace due to a T12 fracture. She didn’t like the standard brace, so she decided to make the best of a bad situation. Her mother tells EPBOT:

My daughter didn’t like the brace she had to wear after surgery, so a friend helped her steampunk it. Best part, now folks are intrigued, and come up and ask why she has to wear it rather than just staring.

Her friend is named Sarah, and she’s one of those awesome theater nerds who does set design. They steampunked the heck out of that brace and the result is just amazing.

The brace has become something both fashionable and therapeutic, thanks to a little paint, some appliques, and a great imagination.

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Princess Leia’s iconic white gown gets Steampunk styling in this beautiful costume by Etsy seller loriann 37.

The costume includes an under bust corset, a belt, a high low skirt, and a hooded fantasy chemise top with long dagget sleeves. Get yourself some stockings, boots, a wig and a blaster and you’re all set.

It’s also custom made to order and 100% cotton, so you’ll stay cool as you play the coolest Princess in the Galaxy.

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Cosplayer Jo-Jo Chen of Apotheosis Cosplay totally nailed the look of Tonner’s limited edition DC Stars Steampunk Wonder Woman doll.

The whole cosplay is gorgeous, but I want those boots in a major way. Check out more pics below.

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Each of these whimsical steampunk-style hot air balloon earrings is made with hand-blown glass and copper by Etsy artisan Elaina Louise Studios.

The earrings and necklaces can be had in several different styles and colors, but custom options are also available.

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Etsy seller PipStarPop has a shop full of amazing steampunk designs—including a selection of intricate, eye-popping bracers with customizable acrylic gems.

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Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin along with Silicon Valley inventor Frank Cohen have created a whimsical collection of vintage pocket watches that glow in brilliant colors. Starling pocket watches are available in six intricate designs with a calming light show that illuminates the time:

“These remarkable time pieces are the tangible embodiment of intangible concepts. They illuminate with your touch, the Chillovean lights dance about as if to whisper the secrets it holds to its owner. Chillovean lights feature multitudes of different random color arrangements, more than you can see in a lifetime. This beautiful piece of fantasy jewelry is a wonderful family heirloom and an amazing unique gift”

The pocket watch collection is also part of a six chapter fantasy story that follows three time traveling characters as they unlock great powers with each timepiece. When you register on the Starling website, a new chapter is sent every week, beautifully illustrated in bas relief sculptures.

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After undergoing spinal fusion surgery, redditor “Penguinz90” was required to wear a large neck brace that she thought might “freak out” the kids she teaches in her science class. In order to reduce the risk, and add some style to what is otherwise a completely utilitarian object, she decided to unleash some steampunk imagination:

I dyed the foam insert hot pink, then got a black oil based paint Sharpie and colored the plastic and Velcro straps black, then added the steampunk gears with hot glue. I took it off and leaned my head back on a recliner to color it, put it back on to dry off then glued everything on while looking in the mirror.

As you can see in the photo above, the result could lead to a new career in the jewelry business—not to mention the burgeoning world of custom nerdy medical gear (which includes wheelchairs, helmets and prosthetics).

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