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I dig westerns. I dig steampunk. And heck, I dig me some Deadpool. So imagine my glee at seeing these Steampool pictures! What a great and fun idea. The cosplayer is Todd B. Lacey. The photos are by AnimazeGuy-PhotosNXS.

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This 3D Alien Xenomorph suit is the work of UK-based James Burton of XRobots who makes all sorts of science fiction props. This is just the latest of his incredible creations. According to 3D Printing Industry:

This isn’t Bruton’s first Alien suit, he previously constructed a suit by sculpting the parts in clay, creating plaster molds and then casting the parts in latex rubber. While he was happy with the results of his first suit he found it to be messy and time consuming to construct. Additionally the head was extremely heavy and the bodysuit was made of more liquid latex, so it was quite difficult to move around and uncomfortable.

His new Xenomorph project will be constructed in small, individual 3D printed parts that can be easily fit together. By designing his suit in pieces not only can he build it to a size specific for himself, but he can put in closures and connectors so each piece can fit together seamlessly.

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These bags and books are the work of Russian leatherworker and throat singer Serguei Kooc. He’s created incredibly detailed Steampunk bags and books with lots of brass accents. There’s even one that looks like a log complete with mushroom and little lady bug.

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atomic girl 1

Etsy seller Atomic Girl comes up with some perfectly crafted sci-fi and post-apocalyptic accessories. We’ve featured her work previously, and she’s just shared a new Fallout-inspired photo shoot with us that showcases more of her work. She fashioned the clothes and props, including the Pip-Boy style device. The ensemble looks to be of the highest quality, and the setting, makeup, and photo edits are perfect.

Makeup by Smugworks Makeup Artistry, modeled by Kitty Quinzell, and photographed by Foto Couture.

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Steampunk just got a little fancier thanks to this inventive octopus hair design by Kirstie Williams. She was attending a steampunk ball and wanted to fancy up her outfit with a funky wig, so she made a hairpiece that looks like an octopus. Naturally. She used a foam sphere as the core of the octopus and covered it in hair wefts very carefully. It looks like an elaborate process, but given the cool result, I’m sure she’s glad she put so much thought into making the hairpiece.

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steampunk doc ock

Cosplayed by Ehis4Adam.

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steampunk ww 1

I never tire of seeing the different spins cosplayers put on characters, like this creative steampunk look Jo-Jo Chen came up with for Wonder Woman. I like the use of darker reds and blues, and that she made the Lasso of Truth from twine instead of gold material. Every detail about this costume is awesome.

Above photo by Jason R. Eras.

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This gorgeous steampunk version of Rowena Ravenclaw from Harry Potter features cosplayer Aleta Pardalis in a costume she designed. She made the light-up wand and designed the crest which she spent over 30 hours setting with rhinestones.

Photographed by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS, Bryan Humphrey, and Beat Down Boogie.

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leather steampunk batman cowl

This Leather Steampunk Batman Helmet made by DeviantARTist Ian Finch-Field is a thing of beauty. Leather, steampunky, riveted beauty.

You can see more of his work on Etsy. Hopefully this cowl will make its way to the store soon.

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steampunk snow white

Cosplayed by enjoithis. Based on artwork by No Flutter.

Photography by Nikolisfoto.

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