Artist NoFlutter reimagined four fan favorite superheroines in adorable steampunk style and I’m just gushing all over these images. Power Girl, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl look amazing in their traditional colors fitted with bustle skirts, goggles, and corsets. I cannot wait to see a cosplay group take on these lovely ladies.

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For gentlemen scientists on the go, this Tesla Watch is the ideal timepiece. The weathered-brass face sits securely on your wrist with genuine leather straps, and it’s accented with two light-up vacuum tube-style LEDs. It’s a gorgeous accessory and everyone will want to ask you for the time. Just remember to say “’s 1875.”

Check out more images of this stylish steampunk watch and a demo video after the break.

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This unique strawberry quartz, sterling silver, and copper ring from Etsy seller mooredesign13 was inspired by steam-powered ships.

The gears, which actually spin, represent the paddle wheels, while small natural garnets are set in the top of each smoke stack. The one-of-a-kind stone is placed between the stacks to form the deck.

It’s a gorgeous piece of work. Do yourself a favor and take a closer look after the break.

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This handmade steampunk leather corset from Etsy seller Harlots & Angels looks like it’s powered by Iron Man’s arc reactor. Among all the brass claps, pipes, and wires, the wooden LED centerpiece really glows. This would be perfect for a Victorian-age Iron Man (Maiden) cosplay.

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These little steampunk boxes from Brute Force Studios have straps and can be used like small purses. They also claim to prevent “nasty paradoxes of time travel”.

The first one opens and activates a mini black light when you press the screen. The second style has a secret back compartment with a mini plasma light inside.

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These incredible steampunk costumes are works of art. Each was handcrafted from materials like copper, brass, steel, wood, leather, and glass. They were all made by Steampunker who also sells the costumes and components so you can create your own mind blowing steampunk look.

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steampunk fair

The 2015 Steampunk World’s Fair was recently held in Piscataway, NJ and it featured some incredible cosplay. All manner of clockwork costuming from hats and goggles to limbs and even an adorable dragon were on display. Beat Down Boogie found so much to share, they made not one but two videos to highlight the event.

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen while cosplaying is having a wardrobe malfunction during a convention. This “Tailor’s Assistant” from Mardigan Enterprises can definitely be a lifesaver.

The beautiful handmade leather bracer is accented with rivets and brass filigree to match perfectly with your Renaissance-steampunk-knight-warrior-pirate-whatever cosplay. And check out the giant list of sewing essentials:

-replica vintage crane sewing scissors, very usable and quite sharp!

-removable brass thimble with a cut slot for attachment via a strap

-wooden needle case with needles and pins

-handmade red felted pin cushion

-removable wooden bobbins with decorative colored thread; thread and bobbins could be replaced for practical use

It’s even tied together with a cloth measuring tape. Just lovely.

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This gorgeous brass snitch necklace from Etsy seller Zelas combines two things I love: steampunk fashion and all things Harry Potter. The detailing on the snitch and wings is wonderful and hidden underneath is a real working watch. The chain is extra long so it will dangle around mid chest, or you can order it with a belt clip. Either way, this is a unique keepsake for wizards and muggles alike.

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This elegant Steampunk heart pendant from June’s Night has such wonderful detail that I just want to keep gazing at it.

“All metal parts torch soldered together and accented with sparkling Swarovski rhinestones, pendant hangs on 18 inch stainless steel cable chain with lobster clasp.”

The watch parts don’t actually move (so if you hear a ticking sound you might be going mad), but this pendant is still gorgeous and unique. Check out more pics of the pendant, including a brass version, after the break.

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