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UK retailer The Outnet is currently running a sale on over-the-top Charlotte Olympia shoe and bag designs. Even at over 50% off, everything is still super expensive—but that’s to be expected with handmade Italian Saturn shoes this outrageous and magnificent (they do ship internationally if you can’t resist the temptation). Check out more of our favorite designs below. [click to continue…]

The Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Watch isn’t actually steam-powered, but it is very Steampunky. It’s also made of English Pewter, which helps to explain the $310 price tag. Fortunately, you still have the Tesla Watch to fall back on at $70. Both options would look smashing with your Victorian outfit. [click to continue…]

Artist NoFlutter probably holds some sort of record for the most number of illustrations transformed into real-life cosplays. In honor of Star Wars Day, here are her new steampunk designs for Han and Leia. I’m sure that they will turn up at a convention near you sometime very soon. Oh wait. It’s already happened… [click to continue…]

The artist known as NoFlutter is legendary for inspiring cosplay with her art, and I’m sure that we’ll be seeing some of these steampunk DC superheroine designs come to life in the near future (the Batgirl is especially awesome). Check out more below. [click to continue…]


Steampunk Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver cosplay. That’s a really cool idea. Imagine a group cosplay featuring every different design. YES!

It’s the work of cosplayers Ishere Lartnec (Eleven’s Sonic) and Xatram Cosplay (Ten’s Sonic), and they went an extra step of making it Steampunk. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Nice Hat Steampunk Sir [GIF]


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steampunk hair clips

Hair accessories are a fun, easy way to add flair to an everyday outfit or complete a cosplay. Plus, they keep your hair in order on an airship ride. These barrettes and hair clips by Etsy seller ArcanumByAerrowae come in all sorts of Steampunk-inspired styles. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


Etsy seller Lisa Sell uses her impressive artistic skills to make masks with a geeky/fantasy vibe. From Cthulhu to dragons to delicate flowers, she’s creating magic one mask at a time.

Check out more examples below.

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Inspired by the work of artist NoFlutter, Rini Cosplay and Kotone Cosplay went steampunk in these gorgeous Power Girl and Wonder Woman cosplays.

Photos by Kees Peters aka Chastten Cosplay Photography

Check out more pics below.
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This Top Hat Has Brains


Some mad genius invented a steampunk top hat with a second brain that I’m guessing you can use as secondary storage. That’s where I would put all of the non-vital information and useless facts that squeeze out all of the important things in my main brain.

Like I started watching The Man In The High Castle the other day and recognized Allan Havey in the Episode “Sunrise” as a dude who use to have a talk show called “Night After Night” on Comedy Central in the early ’90s.

Yeah, let’s zoom that info right to my tiny top hat brain. Might put an embarrassing memory or two in there just so I can forget about it whenever the hat is off.

Check out more pics below.

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