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star wars backpack 1

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts… actually, this Millennium Falcon backpack can’t be called a hunk of junk. It’s a cool new design from Bioworld featuring the iconic spaceship, and it’s even got the Rebel Alliance symbol on the back.

And it’s not their only new Star Wars backpack! They’ve also got a classy Boba Fett backpack and a Chewbacca messenger style backpack. How many bags is too many for me to own?

Check out Boba Fett and Chewie bags after the break.

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gamorrean cosplay 1

If you’re going to cosplay a Gamorrean, you now have a bar set by CDN SW Freak over on the RPF that’s gonna be really hard to beat. Not only does he have the details down (snot, he made sure he had snot!) but he also has a soundtrack.

More pictures after the break (including a great photo from his first troop with the Capital City Garrison of the 501st Legion), along with a video of his cosplay in action.

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Even if you don’t live on the sunny surface of Tatooine, you should always don sunglasses when you’re in the bright outdoors. ThinkGeek has your back with six classy Star Wars Wayfarer-style designs that manage to be both awesome and subtle and the same time.

You can choose from green, red, or blue lightsaber shades that light up with corresponding LEDs, or you can opt to wear character sunglasses with designs based on Darth Vader, Boba Fett, or a stormtrooper. I’m partial to the Boba Fett design with its dark olive green, red, and yellow tones. It’s great new way to wear my favorite fandom.

See more Star Wars shades after the break.

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dad on deathstar

Ow. Right in the feels.

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This Star Wars cosplay features members of Ireland’s Emerald Garrison in an incredible series of photographs by Kamil Krawczak. There’s a little bit of something for everyone from Dark Side to Light Side with a stunning Asajj Ventress cosplayed by Annas Black and Darth Malgus that we’ve featured in the past as cosplayed by Julian Checkley.

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lightsaber scar

This is what you call making a scar work to your advantage. Well played, sir. Well played.

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This pin-up stormtrooper wants your help supporting the troops to quell the Rebellion. If the Imperials look like this, can you blame anyone for joining up?

Product Page ($15)

ventress 3

One of the most memorable arcs of Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the Nightsisters story that transformed Asajj Ventress. The Sith-in-training got a showstopping new look when she reunited with her sisters, and the change happened at the same time as a change in personality. Cosplayer Critical Miss did a fantastic job interpreting the costume, and like she points out, this version Ventress is extra awesome because the hood hides Ventress’ bald head. No tricky bald cap required, woohoo!

Photos by Andrew Alexander.

Costume by Silver Lotus.

More of the series after the break.

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superheroes in a bar 1

When the Google Street team swoops in to perform 360 degree tours of locations, they have to blur out faces. However, if people are wearing masks, it takes care of the permissions/privacy violation issue. 4:30 Boardroom Bar in Fort Lauderdale took advantage of this loophole and hosted a superhero event the day Google stopped by.

You can see the results on Street View! No one’s faces had to be blurred, and it ended up being a cool promotion for the bar. Give those folks a marketing award.

See more shots of the heroes in the bar after the break.

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This stunning femme Darth Maul cosplay features Laurie Foster in her second photo shoot with this costume. We featured her previously in a great series of pictures, but she did a second shoot to give us a much better look at the full costume.

Photography: Erek Foster

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