star wars


If you recall the amazing Loungefly Star Wars bags that debuted a couple months ago, I have wonderful news. Several of these designs are now available for order, including this Boba Fett Twill Bag And Wallet.

Seriously, this may be one of the prettiest Star Wars bags I’ve seen in a while. Boba Fett never looked so fashionable. Take a closer look below. [click to continue…]


Straps and frills and TIE fighters? I am into this. The Dita Von TIEs Dress is available in sizes 6-12 with free shipping.

But that’s not all.

There’s also a Power Of The Dark Side dress design in the collection that you can check out below. [click to continue…]

elsa rey

Imgur user trustmeimasuperhero dressed up his daughter Stormie as Jedi Elsa Rey for Wizard World in Des Moines. The results, as you can see, are impossibly adorable.

If that wasn’t enough, his friend made a custom Lego based on the costume. Check that out, along with additional pics below. [click to continue…]

atat pug

I think AT-AT pug is all the proof you need. Not enough? You are a tough sell my friend. Check out more examples below that will surely melt your cold heart. [click to continue…]


Remember that amazing video of Candace Payne in a Chewbacca Mask last week? Of course you do. Pretty much everyone on the planet has seen it at this point.

With that in mind, Kohls (the store where she purchased the mask) recognized the bandwagon and jumped right on. So, they paid Candace a visit with a mega haul of Star Wars toys for her kids. Shameless marketing? Yes. But it’t heartwarming nonetheless.

What really made me smile here is just how thrilled her kids were just getting the masks. Clearly, this family’s love of Chewbacca masks is embedded deeply in their DNA. Check out the video below (click to enlarge). [click to continue…]

R2-D2 Can-Can Cosplay

r2d2 can can top

God, we love everything about this lady and her R2-D2 can-can cosplay. We’re not sure who she is, but she was captured at C2E2 by the legendary David Ngo.

UPDATE: Her name is Lauren Zawilenski and she is awesome. Thanks to her friend Nick for the heads up! Check out the entire costume…

chewbacca joy

The happiness that Candace experiences over a Chewbacca mask is absolutely infectious. Seriously, I kept watching the bit between 2:10 and 2:30 because it just makes me smile. In fact, Peter Mayhew himself chimed in on Reddit to say that the video was “absolutely wonderful”.

Do yourself a favor and watch the whole video. It really is pure joy. [click to continue…]


There are new Star Wars bags in the world so, naturally, we’re all over them. The bags in question are made by Harveys and feature Star Wars artwork by SHAG called “A Wretched Hive”.

A tote and hip pack will be available, along with a men’s wallet during an exclusive event and signing on May 21st from 3pm to 5pm at Disneyland’s WonderGround Gallery.

If you’re not able to make it to the event, a limited selection of “A Wretched Hive” merchandise will be available online in the future. [click to continue…]

star wars hair clips

If you prefer subtle nerdy style, check out these simple Star Wars hair clips from Love and Madness. Each set of two comes with a gold and silver design in the shape of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper or Yoda and the Millennium Falcon.

Check out an additional pic below.

[click to continue…]

Teaser 4 Floral Droid

The latest debut for Phase 2 of Irregular Choice’s Star Wars collection is a floral droid sandal that is perfect for summer.

Wear them and attention will be yours.

Check out more pics below.

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