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leia shirt top

Princess Leia doesn’t need to be rescued, but you had better liberate this shirt from our Nerd Approved Shirt Store while it’s still on sale!

Available several different styles and loads of colors.

Product Page ($20 $14)


If Bugs ever decides to get into the spice smuggling trade, we have a feeling that good ol’ Gossamer from Looney Tunes would be more than happy to cruise along with him. Though, I have a suspicion that he’s just looking to feed his addictions for spice and rabbit.

Product Page ($19.95 / Also Available In Hoodies, Sweatshirts And More)


Star Wars fans now have three more tempting reasons to book a Disney Cruise for the Star Wars Day At Sea –– these limited edition Dooney & Bourke bags.

The bags will be available for purchase during the cruise via a random selection process which, if you’ve been to Star Wars Weekends, you likely have experienced (sounds like Thunderdome to me).

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I lost my real high school class ring. Never even considered getting one in college. I didn’t exactly have much school spirit. Besides, I did all that work and all I had to show for it was a piece of paper and crippling debt.

Amazingly enough, I can get a Jedi Order class ring for only $59.99 without actually earning it!

Well, I actually have to lift a finger to put it on. If I went to class then I could probably just float it on to my finger—but whatever.

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star wars bags

We got our first peek at the new Loungefly Star Wars: The Force Awakens bags on Force Friday, but the BB-8 dome bag and wallet are finally up for order.

They also continue to make gorgeous totes, purses, and wallets for folks who love the Original Trilogy. From Boba Fett to a cute Ewok, to the lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader, there’s a lot to love in these new arrivals.

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force lightsaber throw

A performance artist named FloWarrior was captured by Red Sapphire Media at the Edmonton Expo performing his Force lightsaber throw with a prop built by Genesis Custom Sabers.

Apparently, FloWarror and Kuma Films have something special along these lines planned for December, so stay tuned.

(via Nerdist)

fashionable bb8

You may have seen Lady Death Star’s amazing Death Star Gown in the past, but she used the Edmonton Expo to debut her new “fashionable” BB-8.

Right off the bat, this cosplay looks great—but the motorized, turning helmet really puts it over the top.

Check out Lady Death Star’s cosplay page to see how the costume came together.

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This Darth Vader pattern works as a Victorian Gothic-style dress, but it would also make for a pretty badass looking wallpaper.

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han solo boots

As you can see, we’re not talking about Han Solo’s equestrian-style boots for cosplay. These clever and cute boots are actually dressed like Han Solo.

The process is actually pretty simple, and you only need some basic materials to get the job done.

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If there’s one character that many Star Wars fans want to see make the jump from the old Star Wars canon to the new, it’s Jaina Solo. This cosplay by Sarah Townsend of Owl Feathers Cosplay does a lovely job of capturing Jaina’s strength and independent spirit.

Photos by Antlers Productions and Baughan Brother’s Productions

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