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Writer, podcaster and all around geek girl Holly Frey likes to get crafty over on the Star Wars site from time to time. This time around, she’s put together a tutorial on how to make your own Star Wars bags.

The tutorial gives you details on how to make three different Star Wars bags featuring R2, Ahsoka, and the Rebels.

You can check out her full tutorial at the Star Wars blog.

sinister sith top

Say what you want about the Dark Side, but they’ve always had cooler outfits as far as I’m concerned. Especially in the games and the rest of the Expanded Universe aka Legends. The coolness (and sexiness factor) is more than evident in this female Sith cosplay by MissSinister.

Photos by Robert Fousch.

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I think these two are going to make it (if they don’t kill each other in battle that is).

Recently, two aspiring Jedi Knights enlisted the aid of Mezame Shashin-ka, a photographer from Singapore, to create a Star Wars-themed engagement shoot complete with epic lightsaber light-rapier duels, spaceships and more. The end result is pretty fantastic.

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tillyer main

I’m warning you ahead of time that this is going to get you in the feels, so have tissues handy.

13 year-old Matthew Tillyer attended Celebration in cosplay like a lot of young Star Wars fans. However, instead of cosplaying a character from the movies, he went as a vehicle. Yep, Matthew designed a TIE cosplay for his wheelchair and his dad built it.

Matthew was paralyzed from the neck down after a bout with pneumonia in 2013. When members of The 501st saw Matthew at the show (winning first place in the costume contest no less), they were so moved by his love for Star Wars, his story, and his positive attitude that they decided to make his dream of becoming a TIE pilot come true.

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501st members from garrisons all over the world contributed everything from a helmet to the boots to outfit him as a TIE pilot, and even raised $1,500 for medical expenses! Members of the Imperial Sands Garrison and the Golden Gate Garrison surprised Matthew with both the outfit and an honorary membership into the 501st.

Matthew still has challenges to face and is dealing with ongoing medical problems, however his smile, which was already pretty bright, is mega-watt after his experience with the 501st.

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Some days you’re the hero. Other days, you feel like the villain. Well, now you can have a backpack that fits booth your moods. This Star Wars reversible backpack goes mercenary with a Boba Fett design on one side and a Star Wars photo panel on the other.

Now I just wish it came with a jetpack.

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Keep your pants up and look awesome doing it with these Star Wars and Sailor Moon seatbelt-style belts. Choose from Rebel, Imperial, R2-D2, or Millennium Falcon blueprint designs in a belt that fits waist sizes from 28-46 inches. Sailor Moon comes in one style for waist sizes 26.5-46 inches. All are officially licensed products.

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When Stormtroopers hit the beach they take off the armor and put on a Hawaiian shirt (weirdly they leave the helmet on). This Japanese Stormtrooper Hawaiian shirt is an 80/20 polyester/rayon blend with an allover stormtrooper print. It even has Imperial logo buttons.

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From the original Clone Troopers who were created to fight for the Republic in the prequels to the First Order troopers we’ll be seeing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Stormtrooper armor (mostly helmets) and weapons have evolved steadily over the years.

The following infographic highlights all of the major changes in one convenient place. Check it out after the break…

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Nope. Nothing at all.

Okay, maybe it’s a little weird. But it could be weirder…

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When you wear this shirt every nerd that sees it will instantly have a meltdown. Troll them hard with this Star Wars/Star Trek/Doctor Who mashup.

Product Page ($20-$26 Diane Duane via BoingBoing)