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When I was a kid, one piece PJ sets were pretty boring, unless you got the Doctor Dentons which were livened up by the additional feet and butt flap.

These days, union suits are a lot cooler and they’re not just for kids. In this case, they’re for guys (or girls if you do a little sizing math) and you can suit up like Deadpool or Darth Vader.

Looks like a fun way to stay warm, cozy and geeky for the winter.

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Boba Fett never misses a mark. Never! Well, save for the occasions when he falls into a sarlacc pit, but otherwise he very rarely lets a bounty escape him. In fact, Boba is so dedicated to his job that if a mark suddenly found a way to travel back in time, he would be able to follow. Yep, that’s right: Boba has a ManDeLorean that’s perfectly capable of hitting 88 mph.

Product Page: ($14.95 – $18.95)

firefly star wars guns

These awesome guns belong to Jordan Calderon.

Yep, he’s got Captain Malcolm Reynold’s trusty pistol on his left arm and Han Solo’s blaster on his right (the flags are a nice touch). The tattoo was done by Noska at Southside Tattoo ATX.

Those are pretty shiny, Jordan, I gotta say!

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renaissance batman

Photographer Sacha Goldberger recently took part in a photo exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. He created positively stunning portraits of comic book superheroes and villains, Star Wars, and Disney characters as they would appear in 16th century art. He spent two years creating his Super Flemish series (inspired by Flemish paintings) and worked with a team of twelve people to get the makeup, hair, and special effects just right. Five costume designers made the outfits for the characters in the series including: Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Hulk, and many more.

The photos have been retouched, but even without that, this series is absolutely magical. The art looks like paintings rather than photographs. Plus, the likenesses to actors like Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter (an effect created with makeup and lighting) is uncanny at times.

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That’s not Santa. It’s Darth Vader pulling a sleigh piloted by AT-ATs and he’s probably going drop some explosive gifts on your neighborhood.

Part of me hopes there’s a Rebel version with Yoda piloting X-Wings, because a Yoda Santa would be pretty epic.

On a side note, that is a moon! Definitely should have been a Death Star.

The shirt comes in sizes small through 3X and it’s in stock now.

Product Page $24.99


The latest amazing costumes from Anovos are two new Imperial Officer uniforms that are now available for preorder. It comes in black or olive drab and is screen accurate to what was seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. Features include:


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Two hidden pockets at front for code cylinders (cylinders to be sold separately).
Double breasted tunic with snap closures.
Closed collar featuring eye hooks.
White interior collar binding included to preserve cleanliness of uniform collar.
Fully lined interior.


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Classic style Jodphur breeches with flared hip, as replicated fromscreen-used pants.
Fully lined interior.
Laces and lace holes at lower leg, as per original screen-used versions worn by Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope.
29-inch inseam.


Made from 100% wool, military-grade cavalry twill.
Lined interior.
Sewn-in sweat band.
Cockade (a.k.a. “Code Disk”) made of metal and magnetically attached, so as to avoid puncturing the hat fabric.

Although the belt comes with the uniform, the pins are available separately. These are super limited with only 30 of each color being made in this initial run so preorder quickly!

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Her Universe has introduced a new line of products just in time for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for something for yourself or for a gift for your favorite fangirl, there’s something for everyone. You can get dresses with Darth Vader, the TARDIS, and Captain America, The Walking Dead t-shirts with Darryl Dixon, and a whole line of Darth Vader jewelry. And if your favorite fangirl happens to be a little girl, then there are some fantastic t-shirts she’d love to find under the tree.

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This video is a parody of the viral catcall video that demonstrated just how much harassment women face on a daily basis. It featured a woman walking around NYC and showed how she was treated, and it wasn’t pretty. This video changes it up by having the woman dress as Princess Leia and the harassment coming from a cast of Star Wars characters. From Darth Vader to Han Solo to Boba Fett, they all step over the line. The issue is a serious one, but this parody is still well done.

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This fantastic double knit scarf has a Light Side and Dark Side in more ways than one. The pattern on one side is in dark blue and the reverse side is in white, and there are both Rebel and Imperial sections. The affect is just fantastic and it’s just in time for the cold winter months.

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sabine helmets 1

One of the coolest characters in Star Wars Rebels is Sabine Wren. The teenage Mandalorian excels at using explosives and creating art while doing so. Her costume matches her personality, and thusly, her helmet is bright and artful. When founder of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club Tom Hutchens heard the actresses who portray Sabine and Hera Syndulla – Tiya Sircar and Vanessa Marshall – wanted Sabine-style helmets, he got in touch with a prop maker who made the magic happen.

The finished helmets were presented to Sircar and Marshall at San Diego Comic-Con, and the women were also given honorary membership into the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. And yes, the helmets are as beautiful in person as they are on the screen.

See a photo showing the stages of painting t he helmets after the break.

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