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Wil Wheaton had another exciting reunion with an article of clothing. This time it’s Wesley’s original ensign uniform, which he hasn’t seen in 30 years: [click to continue…]

ThinkGeek has unveiled the Star Trek-themed Trekini and the cute and nerdy Geekini swimwear lines for summer! Let’s dive in starting with the one and two-piece Trekini options: [click to continue…]

However, people that enjoy infuriating fans will undoubtedly be very happy with this “Classic Movie Night On The Bridge” shirt. Plus it’s only $10-$13 right now. [click to continue…]

Elhoffer Design is currently taking pre-orders for Star Trek-inspired cardigans in red, blue, and yellow, along with a cardigan Wesley Crusher would probably wear. She’s also offering ponchos in the same colors along with one that’s inspired by Spock (my personal favorite).

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All of the prices are sale prices during pre-order and you get an extra discount if you buy sets, so it’s worth jumping in early on this. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Unfortunately, we didn’t get wind of Middle of Beyond’s lineup of ugly Christmas sweaters for 2016 until now, which is a damn shame because they’re glorious (I can’t decide between Star Trek and Bill & Ted). The good news is that they ship pretty quickly, so you might still have time to score one for the holidays (it would be best to check). Take a closer look at the new designs below. [click to continue…]


We have seen Star Trek: TNG uniforms in styles ranging from varsity jackets to underwear, and now you can add vegan leather (40% PU / 30% polyester / 30% cotton) corset tops to that list.

The tops are are available in Blue (Sciences), Gold (Operations), or Red (Command) with features that include rank pips and an embroidered combadge. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Her Universe has let us know that their Star Trek fashion collection has just landed exclusively at ThinkGeek. It’s got everything from blazers to a goddamn Tribble faux-fur coat. Seriously, A TRIBBLE COAT. Check out the entire collection below. [click to continue…]


With her marriage to Han on the rocks, Leia turned to Riker. Good for her. I would watch that reality show.

Leia is cosplayed by Galacticat and Riker is cosplayed by her boyfriend. Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios. Check out the full pic below. [click to continue…]


Ashley Eckstein previewed a Star Trek blazer that Her Universe is bringing to ThinkGeek sometime in the near future. We love it. Hopefully the shirt will be available too.

When the blazer does go live we’ll be sure to let you know!

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This Cosplay Crushes It


Notice the look of pure joy on the face of artist and cosplayer Elisabeth Alba as she poses for this Crusher family portrait.

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