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Tardis Purse [Spotted]

The origins of the Tardis purse in the pic to the left are unknown, but we managed to find something similar on sale from Etsy (pictured on the right).

Needless to say, it would accessorize really well with this dress.

Product Page ($50 via Buzzfeed)

The image on the left turned up on reddit yesterday and we’ve added a clearer image on the right. Obviously, it depicts an Ewok pelt being used as a backpack. Very awesome, but it seems that it’s also very difficult to find. The only place we can find it being sold is in Europe on Vision Toys and on eBay.

(Image via popculturegeek)

Hmmm…this is all sorts of wrong. Everyone knows that spiders and dolphins are mortal enemies. And what is Spider-Man’s other hand up to?

(torakamikaze’s Flickr via Super Punch)

After looking at the Spanish Spiderman, you may be compelled to ask just how strong his silk strands are…  or which laundry detergent is responsible for such faded colors.

(via EatLiver)

Well, it could have been worse actually. It could have been granny panties with skid marks or something.

(via The ZanyPickle)

You’ve got to wonder whether or not Megan Fox wears shirts like this just to get nerds all hot and bothered—but whatever. Mission accomplished.

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Fashionably Geek reader Jordan sent us this pic of a Star Wars shirt she received after randomly tweeting one day that she would like a shirt that said “F*ck Yes. Star Wars.” Not long after, an artist named Nate Carle made it so.

So there you have it. Ask and you shall receive—that’s the power of twitter. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt to have lots of followers, or be a cute girl.

Oh, excuse me. What I meant to say was the “Costume Institute Gala Benefit ball in NYC.”

The dress, designed by CuteCircuit, featured color-changing leds controlled by a switch in her bra. Oh my.

Katy said: ‘I feel like I really have to represent those girls that just go for it and do their own thing and, you know, have their own bit of spontaneity and self confidence,’ she said.

‘I think sometimes in fashion it can get a little stuffy so I wanted to lighten up!’

(Daily Mail via Crunchgear)

One Paul Stamatiou spied this member of the Atlanta rap duo UGLY wearing an iPad around his neck (playing a music video) and decided it was worth a pic on his twitter page. Suck on that Flava Flav.

(via TUAW)

If this is a Photoshop, it’s a damn good one. One could argue that a fighter with Hello Kitty stamped across the crotch of his Spandex shorts is probably the most secure in his masculinity. Maybe this passes for masculine in Japan anyway.

(via Hello Kitty Hell)