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Ok, I’m still waiting for science to deliver on a lot of cool future stuff: teleportation, flying cars, talking apes, and the ability to shoot spiderwebs like Spider-Man. Well, it seems that I and Patrick Priebe, a hardware hacker, think very much alike. He wanted to build a web-shooter too, but since all those brainy scientists (grrr) haven’t come up with super-strong artificial spiderwebs yet, Priebe had to make do with building a wrist-worn electromagnetic miniature harpoon launcher.

As you will see in the video after the reak, Priebe’s device boasts a laser sight and a retractable harpoon that’s connected using fishing line.

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Sure, Carnage is a psychopath and one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying enemies, but his overall look is actually pretty cool. So, if you’re looking to tap into your inner supervillain, you’ll probably want to pick up this official Carnage hoodie.

It’s made from cotton and polyester, and it also features a mesh mask that can help you achieve that genuine (and definitely scary) Carnage vibe.

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When handing out buttons fails, then it’s time to break out the Spidey suit. That’s what 32-year old Gaurav Sharma decided to do in his run for Parliament in India. He’s a former martial artist that once worked for the Mumbai police and now he’s hoping that climbing up buildings dressed as Spidey will help get him votes. Hey, there are worse reasons people have chosen for voting for a specific candidate.

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spider-man tank 1

The premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is less than a month away. That’s definitely a valid excuse to by this colorful Spider-Man tank top from Hot Topic. The front features the hero in action in vivid shades of blue and red, and the back features the same image but in black and white.

It’s a cool design and even though it’s currently sold out online (it will be restocked soon most likely), you can keep an eye out for the shirt at the Hot Topic’s brick and mortar locations.

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Spider-Man leggings

Do you have heart eyes for Spider-Man? Well now you can have heart legs, too! These eye-catching leggings from Wet Seal feature a repeated heart pattern of Spider-Man’s face (Mary Jane-style), and they would pair well with so many different tops. I hope to see more designs like this from Marvel featuring Captain America’s shield or Iron Man’s arc reactor. It’s simple and a bit more subtle than all over comic book cover designs but still bold.

Product Page ($18.90 via Instagram)


It might be winter but Spring will be here soon and these helmets will keep your kid’s head in one piece. Each is designed after a different hero including Iron Man, Hulk or Spider-Man. They’re ATSM/CPSC Safety Certified and measure 50cm to 54cm for kids ages 5 and up.

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spiders nightmare

I think it goes without saying, but this Spider-Man-themed t-shirt has an incredible design. If that wasn’t enough, you can take it home for just $11 today only!

Product Page ($11)


The Christmas Nativity play is a tradition that many a child participates in or endures, depending on your point of view. One little boy decided he just wasn’t going along with the whole shepherd thing and instead opted to participate as Spider-Man. I think he adds a nice pop of color to the occasion. Good for you, kid.

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Spider-Man is known for swinging around and catching people in mid-air while dodging all manner of evil villain and random deadly weapons of doom. You’d think he could catch a girl simply standing next to him as she falls into his arms. Good Morning America‘s Sara Haines learned the hard way that even Spider-Man makes the occasional mistake.

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batman and robin

For those of you who always wanted to see a fight between Spider-Man and Batman and Robin, such a thing now exists with actual punches and kicks thanks to the UK Hardest Man competition.

Even costumed, these guys aren’t messing around. I don’t know who thought to use the costumes for this competition, as the fighters usually don’t, but it definitely gives the fight a power up if you ask me.

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