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We already brought you the news that actor Donald Glover will be getting a crack at Spider-Man by voicing Miles Morales in Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. Now there’s a cosplayer who has absolutely nailed the real-world version of the character.

Nikolas A. Draper-Ivey is a 22-year-old comic book artist from Lansing, Michigan who first found out about Miles Morales’ Spider-Man when his friends said that they looked alike. Boy, they weren’t kidding.

Draper-Ivey hopes that this will encourage the powers that be to make a live-action Miles Morales Spider-Man movie. Sara Pichelli, who designed and co-created Miles Morales Spider-Man commented on one of his pictures saying, “You’re perfect,” so it looks like people are noticing.

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maisie williams did SDCC

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captain spider-man 2

If you took Captain America and Spider-Man and squished them into one character, they’d combine to make an epic costume. Redditor Darayz worked Cap’s red, white, and blue into a Spidey suit, and it looks striking and weirdly natural. I’m a fan of Captain Spider-Man. He’s still working on the shield, and I hope it has webbed lines in addition to or instead of the usual circles.

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hair art 1

Cutting hair and styling it into new looks is one thing, but Rob Ferrel, a.k.a. Rob the Original, takes the skill to a whole new level. He creates detailed portraits using hair and dye. He’s clipped everyone from Spider-Man to basketball players onto heads, and I can’t get over how intricate the designs are. Ferrel said the skill has been developing for eight years and started when kids brought requests for art to the barbershop with reference pics: “At first it was simple patterns and designs, but now if they bring me any image, I can replicate it in their hair.”

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Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, also known as the man behind Lowcost Cosplay, may be my new hero.

We wrote about Lowcost Cosplay back in March and we have a whole new bunch of awesome and super cheap cosplays to show you.

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ff spidey 1

Why cosplay as a character when you have the option to cosplay an entire comic book cover? We’ve seen Luis Romero dress as Spidey from the cover of Secret Wars #8 before, and now he’s built the cover and costume from The Amazing Spider-Man #659. This is Future Foundation Spider-Man, and he even got a photo with the one and only Stan Lee while he was wearing the ensemble. Excelsior!

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superheroes adventure 1

Superheroes often spend their days surrounded by people who need their help. While it’s a worthy cause, it’s going to wear them down. A photomanipulation series by Benoit Lapray showcases what heroes might do in their off hours. The collection of images features cosplayers dressed as Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain America, and Spider-Man out in the wild enjoying nature and peace and quiet. They’ve earned it.

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spidey and wonder woman

Remember the guy who built an incredible Ultimate Spider-Man costume last year? Well, he’s been out and about doing some superhero-like things. No, he hasn’t been tackling bad guys, he’s been visiting hospitals to cheer up sick kids. Performing charitable acts is a big aspect of cosplay for some, and we’re pretty sure Wonder Woman and Spidey spread some cheer on Free Comic Book Day.

They partnered with a comic book shop, The Comic Bug, to take a little of the comics holiday to people who couldn’t get out and attend the events. The expressions on the faces of kids and adults in these photos says it all.

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spider-man nail art

Are you feeling the Spider-Man love after seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters? If so, then grab blue, red, black, and gray nail polish and see if you can recreate this web-slinging manicurer by Starfish on the Beach. The unzipped nail that reveals Spidey’s symbol is a really nice touch.



You can wear your favorite heroes with these great leggings. There’s a choice of either Spider-Man in a bright red with black desgins or a multi-character design with Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America. They’re a 97/3 polyester/spandex blend so you can be sure of a snug and comfortable fit.

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