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Social Media Nail Art

The super-talented nail artist known as the Nailasaurus has struck again.

When Facebook and random Internet memes are enjoying their time in the spotlight, it’s only natural that businesses will see dollar signs and saturate the market with fashions that can tell the world not only that you know how to use YouTube, but that all your conversations begin by clicking a “Poke” button on Facebook. Here are 13 examples of their efforts.

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life before facebookIf you’ve ever had to fight the urge to interrupt someone in the middle of a face to face conversation by saying: “I’m sorry, I’ve updated my status to ‘I don’t give a shit’, and I’ve removed you from my friend list”, Facebook will allow you to stay on good terms without ever having to meet with them, listen to them, or fake an interest in the boring stories about their kids or what their latest bowel movement was like. However, I’m sure the days are coming when we’ll look back fondly at a time when communicating with people required you to use your mouth and tongue to create weird sounds called “words”.

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Talk all that uncertainty out of your real life relationships by having people add you as their friend. Then you can have a friend who only requires occasional updates from you rather than any real effort on your part. If requesting friends doesn’t appear needy on Facebook it shouldn’t appear as needy in real life.

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Something tells me that the twitter spin-off “qwitter” would last about a week before all of its subscribers lose interest.

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