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You can channel your inner ’80s child with these costume blankets featuring Voltron, Skeletor, and He-Man. Each blanket is 100% polyester and features sleeves for your arms built into a full-size blanket that will keep you warm and cozy all through the winter. The Skeletor version even has a hood.

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titan blanket

Summer will soon be over and when the weather turns you’ll be glad you have these Attack on Titan Survey Corps snuggie-style blankets to keep warm. You can choose either a male or female version, complete with cape. If you’re feeling like causing trouble, you can opt for the colossus version instead. Preorder now for delivery in November.

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Snuggie Like a Zombie


If you like to be warm, cozy and a zombie, then you’ll like the Zombie Be the Character Snuggler Blanket that’s coming soon to our Nerd Approved Shop!

I don’t know about you, but I’d wear this to a Zombie walk. It’s in character and it’ll keep me warm in the cold night air. Perfect!

Pre-orders are available now with shipping slated for August.

Zombie Be the Character Snuggler Blanket—$24

Don’t we all dream of a snuggie that’s bigger on the inside? Though I’ve stumbled upon several creative designs for the blanket with sleeves, this homemade TARDIS one is probably my favorite. It’s perfect for cold winter nights and for traveling through space and time.

See some pics of the construction process on craftylilthing’s Flickr page.

(Doctor Who Crafts via Blastr)

Backpacking can be exhausting. When you’ve been trudging along all day the last thing you want to deal with is putting up your tent; it’s just easier to unroll the sleeping bag and sleep under the stars. Now you can go a step further and just wear your sleeping bag like a Snuggie. Tada! The Napsack!

Since it’s rated at 50 degrees Farenheit, it’s only suitable for mild climates. You can wear it around the house on cold days or on summer camping trips. It’s not the most stylish piece of clothing in the world, but hey – it has lots of pockets!

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This is the only blanket that will keep you warm and let you stay in your official Gryffindor uniform. It’s made of 100% polyester, measures 48″ x 71″ and is machine washable.

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You need to keep warm this winter and this snuggie will let you do it in rainbow filled style. It’s a 100% polyester Rainbow Brite snuggie that you can wrap around yourself as you lounge on the couch and watch all your favorite cartoons. Just keep an eye out for the Dark Princess. You know she’s got to be lurking around somewhere.

Product Page ($30)

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Afterwards, I will put on a snuggler blanket and eat Hot Pockets while watching How I Met Your Mother.

Product Page ($22.99/Pre-order for June 2012)

Fans of The Big Bang Theory can now be as cartoonishly nerdy as the characters in the show thanks to this officially licensed Bazinga! blanket with sleeves. The logo is even embroidered so you know it’s fancy.

Product Page ($32.99)

Do you want to be a superhero who fights enemies like cold and exercise while keeping food from spoiling and precious televisions from being abandoned? Well then, grab this Batman Snuggie Comfy Throw Blanket and prepare for battle!

Product Page: ($33.13 via 7 Gadgets)