Designer Raf Simons created two space suit-inspired footwear designs which have been included in Adidas’ 2015 line of products. Each offers a combination of shiny and matte-finish silver fabrics for a distressed look, as well as high-contrast stitching, bright gold threads, machined metal valves and faux straps to provide the impression that they are supposed to be worn in orbit.

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The styles are slated for release in stores and on the Adidas website this summer.

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These fantastic sneakers are the work of Bobsmade who creates all kinds of amazing, custom-painted shoes.

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This time, it’s a pair of high-top sneakers inspired by the upcoming release of Majora’s Mask 3D. The detail is fantastic and the colors make the whole design pop.

Product Page (Prices Vary via Facebook)


Heredia Clothing is selling these officially licensed Dragonball Z sneakers in Mexico for about 400 pesos ($27) a pair. They’re available as Goku, Vegeta or Trunks, and if you are heading to Expo TNT in Guadalajara at the end of the month you can get them autographed. Mexican voice actors Mario Castañeda (Goku) and Rene Garcia (Vegeta) will be on hand to sign your shoes.

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These Doctor Who (or “Doctor Shoe” as it were) sneakers feature an allover print of the TARDIS that make them perfect for taking on all your adventures. They’re available in a range of sizes for both men and women. The top part of the sneaker actually zips off and you can swap it out for other styles, but why would you ever give up the TARDIS?

Product Page ($74.99)


The ShoeFury goodness just keeps coming. This time around, we’re going Alice In Wonderland-themed with this Cheshies design by Emilie B.

Done in purple and black, you get a smiling Cheshire Cat on the outside and the swoop of that tail on the inside of your foot.

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More good stuff out of ShoeFury. This design by Orlando Aracena is titled “Alien Rage”. You may have seen it in this Alien 35th Anniversary poster round up. It definitely looks cool in this new iteration.

Product Page ($79.99)


When you feel a need to embrace your villainous side, you can put on a pair of evil slippers. Yes, there really are shoes for every occasion. This glittery footwear design from Chiara Ferragni is inspired by The Sleeping Beauty villain and is made from patent leather and suede. Each shoe features one of Maleficent’s purple lidded eyes, and it makes it look like she is side-eyeing everyone around her – as it should be.

Product Page ($149 via Disney Style)

adidas star wars sneakers

Adults get plenty of rad Star Wars merchandise, but I can’t help but envy the options made available to kids. For example, Adidas is launching a new Star Wars Originals collection on January 8th and it’s only for children. The line includes two pairs of sneakers: one with Darth Vader and one with Yoda. Both shoes feature glow in the dark detailing. Yeah, I want them too.

If your kid needs a track suit to go with the shoes, Adidas will have them available in matching Vader and Yoda styles.

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You’ll always have a friend nearby with these Totoro slip-on shoes. They’re the latest in the new shoe line from Tee Fury. These sneakers are available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

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You know I’ve already been raving about ShoeFury, but they’ve just added another design that’s already got me throwing money at the screen. This time around, they’ve taken Karen Hallion‘s Adventure Awaits design and printed it onto shoes which, somehow, is the most perfect thing ever.

Product Page ($69.99)