Women that have lots of shoes in their closets might be able to scale back thanks to these amazing shoes that are currently up for funding on Indiegogo.

Volvorii shoes have an e-ink display and a Bluetooth module that allow you to use your smartphone to change the pattern. There’s even fasteners on the front and the back so you can customize it even further with accessories. A pledge of $249 will secure your pair with delivery expected in December.

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My Cowboy Bebop-loving self literally shouted an expletive when I saw these Swordfish hi-tops because I wanted them so badly.

I’m going to need to pick up a bounty to get them, but they’re totally worth the woolongs.

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cosplay shoes top

Whether you’re a master cosplayer who can make everything, or you’re someone who prefers to source costume pieces elsewhere, you may not always want or be able to put together your own footwear.

That’s where folks like Micheal John of Coszone come in. Coszone has a variety of cosplay boots and shoes that work with characters from League of Legends, Frozen, Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, Final Fantasy and more. Even if you don’t cosplay, some of these boots would probably be awesome with your normal outfits.

Everything in the store is handmade and they also accept commission work if you need a special order.

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I don’t know if these new shoes from Shoefury will let you jump as high as you can in Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, but you’ll look good wherever you go.

Promise me you’ll hum the theme while you walk.

Product Page ($69.99)


These Cardcaptor Sakura sneakers and necklace are the perfect way to dress up your wardrobe. The sailor-collared sneakers feature the insignia of Tomoeda Elementary where Sakura Kinomoto goes to school. Flaps at the ankles mimic the school uniforms and they come with both pink and white laces.

The necklace looks like Sakura’s Sealing Wand and is gold-plated with Swarovski crystals with the face of Kero-Shan hanging from the clasp. It hangs from a 23.6-inch chain of gold-plated brass.

The necklace will be available in Japan this April and the shoes will follow in July.

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These shoes are stuffed with Pokemon. Like, stuffed to the brim. Clearly, there is an eeveelution problem…afoot.

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rs-1 copy

Mega Man still has plenty of fans, and they’re all going to definitely love these retro-style Mega Man shoes. They’re made by Ubiq, a Tokyo-based shoe manufacturer, and the shoes have a distinct, vintage Converse-style to them that’s pretty eye-catching. The shoes are currently available for preorder up until March 15, and you can expect the shoes to be delivered sometime in late June.

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ecto coolest shoes

Maybe “subtle” and “elegant” aren’t the right words.

Now I really want a Hi-C Ecto Cooler. Seriously, they need to bring that back.

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Well, save your shoes anyway.

If you’re having trouble slipping into a pair of shoes, there are superheroes out there that actually specialize in trivial problems such as these. Duncan Shotton offers a fun line of superhero shoehorns that are definitely ready to help you conquer your stubborn shoes!

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Zelda Kicks Of Courage


Characters in video games get power ups all the time, but most of us in real life have to rely on more mundane things like energy drinks or a protein bar. While we’re not likely to ever have something as cool as a Triforce to give us courage, wisdom, or power, you can own these Kicks Of Courage by Pancake Squad.

Think of all of the adventures you and your high tops could have.

Product Page ($79.99)