On Sunday the second annual Geekie Awards took place in Los Angeles, celebrating geek culture with 12 different categories. This year a new category was added that focused on the growing area of geek fashion. The Fashion and Armor category, presented by Vanichi Magazine, was added after awards creator and showrunner Kristen Nedopak saw the fashions people wore on the red carpet at last year’s event.

“As a female geek, I’ve never hidden the side of me that embraces being a woman, and that means dressing up or down when I please. ‘Geek Couture’ has grown tremendously in the last few years, and more women are realizing they can still be geeks and look beautiful too!” Nedopak told Fashionably Geek. “We’re seeing designers getting creative with the art of fashion in these genres, and we wanted to honor that in this year’s show.”

There were five nominees in the category specializing in armor, steampunk, corsetry, and more. The winner will receive a full feature fashion spread in an issue of Vanichi Magazine.

Find out who won and get a glimpse of all the nominees’ stylish, geeky products after the break!

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Here are the sneakers your inner 12-year-old demands you purchase right now. They’re designed to look like a triceratops and are currently up for funding on kickstarter with plenty of time to make a pledge and support the project. A pledge of $88 will secure a pair for your kids or you can up the ante and $99 will get a pair for yourself. Rewards include sunglasses and polos, but you know you’re only in it so you can have dinosaurs on your feet when they ship this October.

Check out the project video after the break.

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Link shoes

Need a wicked pair of handpainted sneakers? Europe based Bobsmade treats white Chucks as a canvas for whatever your heart desires. They have a whole gallery of past custom designs featuring Legend of Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Adventure Time, and many more. The art on the shoes is bright and detailed. Prices (without shipping) start at $132.

See more examples of the custom sneakers after the break.

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harley quinn shoes 1

It looks like retailers are catching on to the fact that fans will just hand paint shoes if they can’t find them on the market because Hot Topic has two new shoe styles featuring Harley Quinn colors and symbols from Supernatural that resemble painted Toms. They look comfortable, but I’d love to visit a store and try them on and see how sturdy they are. The Supernatural shoes would have to be able to withstand multiple hunting trips.

Check out the Supernatural design after the break.

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chainmaille shoes

Chainmaille isn’t just for the renaissance faire anymore, it’s for running too! PaleoBarefoot offers a chainmaille shoe suited for running and hiking. The texture allows them to grip surfaces, especially natural ones like grass or soil. On the downside, you will have to train your feet to use the shoes since they are not light. It looks like a men’s 9.5 size shoe weighs almost half a pound.

See them in action after the break.

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mario shoes 1

The power-up star from Super Mario Bros. is flipping perfect for the Converse One Star shoe line. The Super Star can take the place of the regular star, and as you can see from the above photo, it looks stylish and awesome. Converse is making the style available in red and green, but they’re only selling them in Japan.

See detail shots and the green version after the break.

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Doctor Who shoes

Allons-y! It’s time to pull together some craft supplies (a sonic screwdriver won’t hurt) and make some fancy Doctor Who canvas shoes. Jenny Barnett Rohrs shared the project at Craft Test Dummies and said it only took her half an hour to transform a pair of black canvas shoes into the galaxy. I think it’s worth trying out.

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Reebook has already done a Ghost in the Shell insta pump fury sneaker, but that was two years ago. Now they’ve taken another crack at it, this time with a special, limited run based on Logicoma in Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

This new version will have a red shell and silver body to look like the exterior of the four-legged robot with the original graphic printed on the footbed. These will start appearing at select Reebok retailers, including Styles in Japan, beginning on June 21st.

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Iron Throne shoes

Get ready for this Sunday’s Game of Thrones season four finale by wearing appropriate footwear: Iron Throne shoes! This striking design is by artist Nixxi Rose, and it looks both fierce and stabby. You can wait to see if Rose offers these kingly shoes for sale, or you can make your own version with heels or flats, cocktail picks shaped like swords, and some paint.

(Geek Pinata via SGC)


High heels look great, but they are never comfortable. London College of Fashion graduate Silvia Fado Moreno has come up with a solution in the form of high heels with built-in hydraulic springs to cushion your every step. The Kinetic Traces collection was developed by Moreno through studying impact absorption, shoe weight, traction, and durability and then adding components to make the shoe more comfortable.

There are springs and even rubber balls worked into the designs which have lots of unique wood and leather elements. The shoes were created using both traditional leather and woodworking combined with laser cutting and 3D printing.

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